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Pjusk - Syklus

Downtempo Syklus from Pjusk

Here is something totally new on Tanzgemeinschaft. Our first ever ambient/downtempo review. We got in touch with Jostein, one of the forces behind the Norwegian duo Pjusk, after our interview with Japan-based Yui Onodera. In the interview, Yui mentions Pjusk as one of the artists he collaborates with.

Pjusk, the collaboration between Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Andre Sagevik, started back in 2005. Their debut album was released on the New York-based 12k record label, know for their downtempo and ambient releases. At the end of December 2016, Pjusk released a small EP called Syklus. An EP on with the work together with artists from all over the world, Canada, Kurdistan, China and Norway to be precise. Must be something special so I sat down, unplugged from all distractions and pressed play. Volume a bit louder for an immersive experience. Closed my eyes and let the music come to me.

Pjusk – Syklus

Pjusk’s SYklus contains 3 tracks. Slow, sometimes somber but mostly broad ambient constructs that quietly sever your consciousness. I played it over and over again to get a better feeling with the sound as this is a very special experience. Church bells from far away combined with quietly building soundscape. Along the way, when you feel you are drifting between space and time, a meditative voice enhances the feeling of timelessness.

The second track, Haras, opens with an Eastern-sounding horn, shaking all ground beneath. Like a snake, it swirls through the desert finding a pray to swallow. Again not much velocity or motion has been used on this track. Your mind stays focused on the tidal rise and fall of the layers while your mind goes along with the sound.

Xuě drifts along where all have left. Floating on thin air, accompanied with a soft sound of chimes. It’s the final journey before you will land and wake up in your seat.

Loved this trip.

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