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Momo Arigato

Eclectic vibes by Momo Arigato

Talented deep house producer Momo Arigato released his very first EP on the Barcelona-based imprint, Petra Digital. The release, ‘A tribute’ includes 4 tracks with remixes by BBE/Sonar Kollektiv artist Inkswel and Big Bait Records Monikca. We got to ask this down-to-earth artist some questions while he composed us an eclectic mix, a real nice blend of jazztronica, infused with some disco-ish vibes & rare grooves.

Tune in:

You are about to release an EP with a very refreshing sound. We don’t get this in our mailbox too often. Wanna tell us a bit about ‘A Tribute’?
What can I tell you about it? It consists of two songs which I made during the summer of 2015. The two remixes of Inkswel and Monikca were finished around the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Perhaps the title “A Tribute” indicates some kind of deeper message but I did not think about a concept or a specific thought when creating the two tracks. I was just playing around. When I was forced to give them a name I thought that the Hip-Hop allusions would fit because of the vocal samples of Ol’ Dirty Bastard appearing on both of the tracks.

Momo Arigato - A Tribute
A tribute is out on Beatport, click on the image for the link.

So it is a tribute to the 90’s hip-hop scene. What is your connection with that scene?
No, no, it’s not really a tribute to the Hip-Hop scene. I was grown up with American 90’s Hip-Hop and it really shaped my sound. But I only chose the title to make it sound interesting and it was the best that came to my mind when thinking about it. There is no connection between me and the “scene”.

Your signature sound feels like very soulful deep house related. A sound we really like.
Thanks! I think it’s a very playful sound. And I’m convinced that playfulness is something which enriches the house and techno scene of today – which has in part become very serious and professional in my opinion.

What were your past influences and how can we see that translate into your style now?
I already mentioned 90’s Hip-Hop. Guys like Pete Rock, Dilla or Gang Starr were Heroes for me when I was a kid. Also, I always liked Jazz. And obviously, House music which is why I like the music of Guys like Max Graef, Glenn Astro or Cuthead. Their idea of sampled House Music was also an inspiration for me. But seriously, which musician could faithfully give a convincing answer to this question? I would never end with an enumeration of all the artists that I liked.

This release fits perfectly well with the Barcelona-based record label, Petra. How did you end up collaboration with them?
I’m also a member of “Odysea”, which is a house duo I make with my buddy Roman Mühlschlegel from Karlsruhe. He got to know Eren from Petra somehow and we released a song together on his label (although not under the moniker “Odysea“). We made a party in Kassel around a year or two ago, when Eren, Roman, some friends and me played in Kassel together. Since then I’m in contact with the Label.

Any more upcoming releases on Petra or other labels this year?
I don’t know – perhaps this year, perhaps the next. But I will release one more together with the Petra Label – that’s for sure!

Thank you for this short chat!!

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