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Egokind – Nothingness (Traum V178)


Needless to say who he is. After releasing the fantastic ‘Diamond Days’ EP in the beginning of 2014, the Berlin producer Egokind instantly attracted listeners and clubbers worldwide for his skillfully composed electronic music, bringing different styles together, ranging from wrapped in cotton wool electronica to electronic techno music with soul. His very own Egokind-sound, uniqueness within his own boundaries. Although he very often steps out of his comfort zone. We love him for that.

Nothingness EP

‘A highlight in his live sets’, according the master himself, is the title track “Nothingness”. Listen well and you’ll notice this is pure Egokind sound: melodic sequences & gated sounds. If you listened to Diamond Days, this surely will sound familiar. Great track if you ask us.

‘Fatigue’, the second track has been recorded together with his buddy Ozean. It glides and wanders through different stages with ease, sometimes stops and pauses inhales and slowly builds up the groove again as if still distracted or wounded by something.

The last track on this Nothingness EP, also recorded with Ozean, is called ‘One Love’. Fractured and cut up sounds mixed with frivolous and joyous synths strokes make this a very nice abstract track.

Again a great release by Egokind. Do enjoy & get your copy »
We are looking forward to Egokind’s album on Traum in October 2014.

Rating: 4/5
Label: Traum schallplatten
Release date: Jul 14, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Nothingness
  2. Fatigue (with Ozean)
  3. One love (with Ozean)

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