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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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EKDK, Apollo’s Messengers – Changes

EKDK & Apollo's Messenger
Claudio Capo

So we got this request from Enrique, one of the two guys that form EKDK, to listen to one of their new tracks. This happened quite some time ago. We told him to push through and make sure it gets released. And so he did. Pretty soon their new EP will be released via the Ukraine-based Dear Deer Records. Known for their exquisite taste in electronic music, they did good signing this EP.

EDKD joined forces with Apollo’s Messengers to create ‘Changes’. Three strong originals, melodic, deep and a fantastic vibe. We know this trio is capable of creating magical things. A few months ago we got to premiere one of the tracks of Apollo’s Messenger album ‘Caught in a Thought’.

As it feels their collaboration pays off with their approach on deep techno, playing with pace and grooves, this new EP does not come as a surprise.

The opening track, ‘Changes’, is one to put on repeat. With its high energy, smooth melodic groove and dreamy synth tones this track can squarely aim at summertime open air dancefloors. Only happy people dancing for sure. ‘ReSet’ is darker, contains a bassline that is a bit heavier, but the addictive synth lines and breaks make it all up. All in all this one is a real shuffler as well.

‘ReMeeting’ contains dark mysterious melodies combined with haunted and distorted synth lines. Spaced out sound flashes create a slightly eighties-touch. Bang on!

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