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Fancy Inc

Fancy Inc is around, you better keep an eye out.

Fancy Inc. recently dropped a phenomenal EP on Brazil’s top imprint Warung Recordings. Warung, famous for their club and being responsible for spreading quality electronic music in Brazil, started with a record label about 5 years ago. Warung recordings being home of many great artists like Gui Borrato, Joyce Muniz, Oxia, Hot Since 82, many others and now as well Fancy Inc. Listing to their EP “All About Love”, it’s a well-deserved place to be for them.

Fancy Inc. about “All about love”

With this release and the signing on Warung Recordings, we had to catch up with Adriano & Matteo, the duo behind Fancy Inc. Our chat of course goes about the release. But we wanted to know how the Brazilian vivid musical way of living influenced their lives and music they create.

We always wanna make sure that the tracks have a well-defined theme, well-crafted drums and original basslines. In this release we wanted to find a key vocal to define the theme without losing the concept of the label.

So here we go! First press play and enjoy the music while reading.

How’s Brazil these days?
Brazil has had an exponential growth in electronic music in the last 10 years and this has caused more people to become interested in the genre. 2017 will be a year especially difficult for clubs due to the economic crisis, but on the other hand rich in exporting new talent.

We used to live in São Paulo for a short period of time. Loved that city, loved the atmosphere, but most of all loved the electic way of living? Where do you guys live and what influence has this area upon your music?
We live in the south of Brazil, a fairly cold region, colonized by Italians and Germans and rich in culture. We grew up eating barbecue every Sunday with the family and listening to traditional music of our state, rock’n roll and hip hop. From Rio Grande do Sul, our state, there were great rock bands nationwide. This made our generation start to enjoy music since we were little kids.

Any other influences we should know of?
We have a strong influence of Disco Music, House Music of the 90s, synth pop, hip hop and R&B.

So much great music to discover, so many genres, Bossa Nova, Forro, MPB, Maracatu, great rap music, funk, … . How do you think electronic music fits in for Fancy Inc.?
The coolest thing about electronic music is that the range of possibilities is enormous. We love MPB and Bossa Nova, we have just finished a track which we sampled one stretch of maracatu and soon we will announce where it will be released.

Did you grow up in a musical environment or did you arrive to your musical passion on your own? You cannot say no, as we believe all Brazilians are born dancing.
People have this perspective that the Brazilian has the carnival in the vein. As we said, in the south the culture is a little different and it reminds us a lot of the European people, we discover the passion for music for ourselves. Without any musician in the family, but we believe that a great influence in our music is due to the customs of our colonizers.

How about playing any instruments?
We studied piano for a few years before starting to produce electronic music.

Tell us the story of how you were introduced to house music. Was there a specific moment you realized that you wanted to be on the other side of the dance party? The person making the music and the DJ.
We grew up under the influence of synth pop listening to songs from bands such as Depeche Mode, erasure, Kon Kan, and artists of the genre. After that, we started to listen to artists like Lee Marrow, Mr Lee, Technotronic, Culture Beat … the music that we believe should have influenced generations and made us decide to be a DJ was Inner City – Good Life.

You guys recently released a new EP on Warung Recordings. Famous for their house releases. Want to tell us about it?
Yes, first of all, Warung Beach Club is one of the most important clubs in the world and certainly from Brazil. When the opportunity came to make an EP exclusively for the label, we were eager to deliver something as high as we expected. As you can see, it’s a super EP with the sound that the label represents. The track title is more melodic full of conversations in the vocals, the B-Side is more introspective and conceptual, to reach the demanding paladar of the regulars of the club. We have received a lot of positive feedbacks from fans and we are very happy with the entire crew of Warung Recordings for having us.

Fancy Inc - All about love

It feels like an uptempo release with a very nice running bass-line. You are creating a very nice atmosphere on this release. What were you aiming for?
As we said, the tracks were constructed thinking exactly how they would behave in the famous temple in a classic night, full of vibe and beautiful people.

What do you want your audience to feel when they listen to your music? Maybe specific with this release?
We always wanna make sure that the tracks have a well-defined theme, well-crafted drums and original basslines. In this release we wanted to find a key vocal to define the theme without losing the concept of the label.

Can we pin you down to a specific sound then? Do you guys have a signature sound or do you leave things open and create as it comes?
We always have a creative direction, without holding on to something or having a formula, we create and see where it will go. People say that our identity is very defined and we believe that this happened naturally with the hours we are dedicating in the studio.

When creating/producing, where do you draw your creative influences from?
The beginning of each project depends very much on the spiritual state. If the head is not empty, nothing happens. Sometimes the idea comes out of an acapella, a piano phrase or a sample stretch.

What’s next for Fancy Inc.? What’s you’ve got planned for the year ahead?
We have a very large demand of work at the moment. Invites for EPs and remixes of labels already recognized in the industry that a short time ago we would never have imagined such an early contact. We have been working for a year with Cumac Bookings (Spain) who have been looking after our career with great affection and for 2017 we have already a few tours scheduled in Europe, Asia and America.

For people who want to visit Novo Hamburgo, what would be 3 things that you would suggest to do or see?
It is a city of German origin, the colonizers came from Hamburg, Germany. We have a lot of diversity in the gastronomy. Nightlife is not the stronghold of the city for our segment. We have many parks and in general it is a good city to live in community.

What other great clubs do you have in Brazil besides the famous Warung and D-Edge and what’s your favorite?
When we talk about clubs there are Aruna Club, Chakra, 5uinto, Club 88, Anzu, Beehive, Terraza, Matahari, Vibe. We can also mention some super important parties that strengthen the national scene such as Colors, Levels, Sunset Sessions, Hot Stuff, Festa BASE, Exit to Enter and Radiola.

People are often speaking about the demise of the club scene, but the experience has remained as potent as ever. Why, do you feel, has the club remained such a great place for the discovery and appreciation of electronic music? How do you see the relationship between music and the space it is performed at?
Honestly, we can not see it that way. In our view, the clubbing scene is becoming more professional and demanding in general. We see the industry giving opportunities to artists who really have a solid job. As much as we are feeling that the club scene may be somewhat affected in Brazil, due to the crisis we are still very optimistic about the growth of the world scenario.

What or who inspires you—inside and outside of DJing and electronic music?
Travelling, Movies, Photography and Carl Cox!

You were just told that the world will end in 30 mins during your DJ set, what would be your last 3 tracks?
– Inner City – Good Life
– Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000
– DJ Phenix – Do U Luv Me?

Thank you guys!!

Fancy Inc’s “All About Love” is out now on Warung Recordings. Grab it here.

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