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Maurice Aymard - Five of my Life

Five of my life: Maurice Aymard

Five tracks that had an impact on Maurice Aymard

Music is something intriguing. How does it come alive, what actions have been taken to create it, what kind of instruments have been used, … Sometimes simple things sound so amazing. What intrigues us even more, is to know what kind of music people are listening to. So many people walk around with a headphone, trains are filled with people listening to music. The look of it is sad as people do not talk to each other anymore. But often we’d like to ask what track is playing at that very moment when we are passing by. Just out of curiosity.

Every track has a different story for everyone. It can make you happy or sad. It can make you smile or cry. It brings back long forgotten memories or happenings you forgot about. So many things to talk about.

So our idea was born. We get so much music in our mailbox from so many artists. We had the idea to ask some of these artists to ask which tracks had an impact on their lives and maybe influenced the music they produce. We called the concept ‘Five of my life’. Five tracks with a story, in this case, stories from the Barcelona-based artist Maurice Aymard.

Maurice being the label owner of Galaktika records, a true pioneer with an eclectic taste & background in music. Head over to his Soundcloud profile and be dazzled by his biography. Working alongside artists by the likes of Maceo Plex, Gui Boratto, Paulo Olarte to name a few is something many label owners can dream of.

Connect with Maurice: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Dive into Maurice Aymard’s musical journey

Soda Stereo – Zoom
The Argentinian rock band “Soda Stereo“ had a big influence across Latin America. They were massive during the nineties and I had every one of their singles. The lead singer, Gustavo Cerati, also had a solo project that was very inspiring. If you are a South American rocker and you lived in the 90’s you will know what I am talking about.

Garnica – Love Someone
This was the lead single from Garnica´s debut album. It was the first time I released a proper album on my label, Galaktika Records, so the whole album and especially the single will always have space in my heart. The video was recorded in Berlin by some Colombian friends of mine and I just love the direction of photography.

Cafe Tacuba – Eres
I would describe myself as a romantic person and my first romances will always be in my memory. When I listen to music that reminds me of these incredible moments it really inspires me. This track, from the Mexican band Cafe Tacuba, is one of them.

NIN – Terrible Lie
I’m a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails and this performance they did in Woodstock 94 is just crazy, they were swimming in the dirt with the fans and came onto the stage and started singing. “Terrible Lie” is one of the strongest tracks from their 1998 debut album, “Pretty Hate the Machine“.

Prodigy – Voodoo People
The Prodigy was a big influence on me while I was a teenager. I used to listen to this album back and forth; “ Music for the Jilted Generation”. This song “Voodoo People “ is one of my favourites. I and my high school buddies always played this one in our cars just before we went out to party.

Stay tuned. Maurice Aymard & Paulo Olarte’s ‘Action Series VII’ is out soon on Galaktika.

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