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Dutch producers and live act, Yør Kultura

Five of my life: Yør Kultura

Five tracks that had an impact on Yør Kultura

Music has such an impact on our each of our lives, it can make us sad, it can make us smile, it can bring back memories …. In our Five of my Life series, we want to explore what music shaped the lives of artists. Get to know what inspires and inspired them, in the form of a selection of five tracks with a story.

The ‘Five of my Life’ tracks in this article come from Yør Kultura, a trio that got inspired by the diversity of music while travelling the world. This trio is a project of Danny Odenkirchen, Raymon den Hartogh and Kris van Aalst who perform as a DJ duo or a 3-person live act.

A Journey Without Passport.

Just like this series they got introduced to various styles and genres of music during their trips. They define it in a very nice way as “Melting cultures, melting people”. They take you on a journey without a passport. Music without borders so to speak.

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Enjoy Yør Kultura’s multi cultural & eclectic journey

Jose Padilla – On the road
We are a big fan of Jose Padilla and we’ve got the track ‘On The Road’ with us for some time now. But the moment was never there to actually play it during a set. The first time was actually during our set at Garbicz Festival. The moment felt right during the sunrise in between the trees. The story of the track is immense and in some way it feels like the summary of last summer.

Fever Ray – If I had a heart
We first heard this track in the series ‘Breaking Bad’, when Bryan was riding a go-kart. Really like the dark theme of the track and the vocal recordings. This track was a big inspiration when we created the Eivør remix. ’

Red Axes – Cockroach
We are huge fans of the Red Axes guys, but this track was an eye-opener. You don’t have to make music with boundaries or think in genres. If you feel like you want to make a surf and turf’ish / caribbean electronic song about an insect, just got for it. We are curious about the cockroach metaphor tough.

Ahmed Fakroun – Yumma
Libyan folk-singer Ahmed Fakroun is a big inspiration for us. The Yumma – track got you dancing right away. We like the mellow theme and the spelling vocal chord. We don’t understand any of the lyrics and therefore the singing sounds like an amazing synthesiser improvisation to us.

Alan Parson Project – Mammagamma
The song only takes 3:38, but you can play it for hours without getting bored. We also love all the other work from Alan Parson as a producer for Pink Floyd, but then the list would be endless.

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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