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Interview: Flashmob’s energy-bomb ‘Freakin babe’

With an energy-bomb freshly released on Toolroom records, and a packed summer coming up, we had the chance to exchange a few words with Italian DJ/Producer Flashmob. His track ”Freakin’ Babe’ is his fresh sound and going to set some floors on fire from now on.

Most of you will remember his house anthem ‘Need In Me’ from about 5 years ago. In between both releases Flashmob has been producing countless hits, remixes and started his own record label, Flashmob records. Back then Flashmob still was a duo, nowadays Allesandra is running the show on a solo basis. Let the past be the past, Tanzgemeinschaft had the chance to talk about the massive release ‘Freakin Babe’ and the upcoming summer and future.

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Flashmob about his fresh release and packed summer and year ahead

Hello Allesandro,

Thank you for your time! You just dropped a bomb on Toolroom Records. Such an infectious groove. Where does all this energy come from we hear on ‘Freakin babe’?
Thanks guys, happy you like it. Energy is a natural thing I suppose. If you add it to true love for music then it becomes the truth and we all see the truth I suppose.

We are pretty sure this one will be picked up as a peak time track in many sets. What are you expecting from it?
I try not to expect anything from my tracks because you really never know in advance. I mean I know this is a heavy one and not one of my more experimental tracks. But we need to see how it will work. But for now, it’s looking amazing. If you expect things in advance, you will be disappointed if doesn’t work afterward. If you don’t expect anything and it works out well, especially when it’s something big then it’s even better.

You must have been testing this track way before the release. How did the crowd react?
I changed the track a little in time because I wasn’t sure of some parts. Then I tested it at the Hangar and District 8 in Dublin and the roof came off! That was the moment when I understood I had to release this track asap.

You have been dropping great music on the biggest labels around. It must be quite demanding. How does your typical day look like when you are not on the road or in a studio?
My day, if I am not in an intense working period, is like this: I wake up, have breakfast with my kids and take them to school. Next stop is the Tennis Club Milano Bonacossa and train in the gym. I play some tennis and afterward, I go back to the gym and relax a bit and do some extra cycling. I eat either at the club with my team where we talk about work or I eat at home.

Then do some work in the studio for max 3 hours, 1-hour e-mails and head back to school to pick up the kids. Spend some time with them and do an activity. Alessandra, my wife comes home from her work – she runs her own business and is very busy – and we either go out or watch a film after we put Carlo and Carolina to bed. Then I sleep. 🙂

Summer is coming up. What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months?
Both my labels are doing great. We have KOMPAKT legend Terranova, Sman, Marco Resmann, Nice7, Dirty Channels, Bollen & Fitchner, Proudly People, Lorenzo De Blank Supernova and many many more coming up with releases on the label. And we are really happy with all the support we are getting from Traxsource and Beatport. We are also starting a Radio Show with many big guests that will bring different styles to the show. That will be very interesting.

I am about to release a number of remixes for Material, Gigolo Records, Flashmob LTD and Glasgow Underground and I also have a secret release in July/August for a top German Techno label I cannot talk about right now.

Besides your residency at Eden Ibiza, any other places where we can find you spinning the decks?
I have a great residency in Ibiza for Audio Rehab this summer yes. Indeed at Eden with Mark Radford, German Brigante, Vanilla Ice, Tapesh, Lowsteppa, Dj SKT, Martin Ikin and more. Things are really gonna be different on the island this summer. Flashmob Radio Show is gonna be the official radio show for the Audio Rehab Wednesdays at Eden throughout the whole season so looking forward to this summer!

Apart from this I got some really great festivals in line like The Garden Music Fest, Floorfiller, Boardmasters Festival, Dystopia. Lots of touring this summer. My new Agency FMLY London are keeping me more than busy this summer. I’ll be touching Cafe D’anvers, Ministry Of Sound, The Truth Liverpool, Paris with Kubbe, Lille at Le Suite, Sector 26 in Georgia, Cafe Del Mar in Cyprus, Hangar Dublin and much more.

Looking at a longer term planning, what’s the rest of 2017 holding for you?
We are working on launching a Flashmob event and doing more and more festival activities. In the pipeline, there are China, South America, India, Australia and USA/Canada tours, all before the end of the year.

Let’s look at Flashmob version 2025. How will he look like? Any dreams you want to realize?
Dreams are just goals you achieve with hard work and consistency. I will be an even bigger active festival act with my own night on Ibiza, hosting my own stages around the world.

Any guilty pleasures you have that you want to share with our readers? Dipping your bread in coffee? Salami & marmalade? Surprise us.
Before my tennis games, I often eat a banana chocolate sandwich. I cut the banana in two and add chocolate in it … sooo good!!!

Thank you so much for your time. Appreciated!

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