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Interview with FreedomB

FreedomB talking music

Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid. Many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know and it doesn’t’ matter. Everything’s in the music, in the rhythm and overall, in the freedom of the beat. In the end, it’s all about FreedomB.

With influences directly from jazz, funk or soul, from the first house and electronic rhythms, FreedomB is in search of the constant groove that will make you dance from sunset to sunrise, or from noon to morning. Endless sets laser-focused on the dance floor and beats to a slow fire are the elements of an artist that has no respect for silence.

FreedomB has already gathered support from artists like Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82, Lee Foss, Solardo, M.A.N.D.Y after being released on labels like Hottrax, Get Physical, Knee Deep In Sound, Sola or Repopulate Mars.

We got the chance to talk to Alberto about his latest release, his South-American Tour and music in general. Sit back, and enjoy the music and the read.

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Hey Alberto, thanks for taking the time for this interview. Hope you are doing fine?

Hello guys. Thanks a lot for having me on board. Right now, even though it seems that with so many releases, I’m having one of the best moments of my professional career. There are certain things that make me feel like when you throw water on a cat. Uncomfortable within normality.

Due to the pandemic I had to look for a job, one ended soon because it was unbearable and in the other, I am happy, although to tell you the truth, I know very well where I belong. In the next few months, I will make decisions, for the better, that will change my life. Changes that I need today to grow not only as an artist but as a person, which in the end is the most important thing for me.

It’s been 10 years already in Berlin and well, I think the time has come, at least for a while to open markets and back to my roots. Somehow, I need to charge my soul again.

What skills/personal attributes are most important to be successful as a DJ?

I sincerely believe that one of the most important virtues, in order to achieve success as a DJ, is patience and humility. To understand that it is a long-distance race and to stay true to your principles.

One of the most important virtues, in order to achieve success as a DJ, is patience and humility.

I understand that it is something that usually comes with age and experience. You can not ask for certain things at certain ages especially now with social networks which often distort reality.

Believing in yourself is very important, not being afraid to experiment and above all being prepared to make mistakes. It is the only way to learn and improve.

What are typical mistakes people make when trying to pursue a career in the music industry?

Anxiety is a very common problem that I find in people who are just starting out in the circuit, as well as a lack of willingness to work. As I said in the previous answer, social networks are a double-edged sword and one has to have a well-furnished head to be able to face the reality of the day today.

Anxiety is a very common problem that I find in people who are just starting out in the circuit, as well as a lack of willingness to work.

As a personal experience, I will tell you that a couple of years ago a guy who was starting to perform in clubs and produce music, wrote me on Facebook to tell me the desire he had to be able to someday travel in a private jet as do “certain artists”.

Can you imagine? A person who has just started and already has that in mind. With this, I do not mean that it is bad to have as a goal to one day be able to travel by jet, what I consider is that one has to go day by day, step by step and enjoy the journey. Otherwise, the anxiety will come. I have no doubt about it.

You’ve come a long way with plenty of releases up your sleeve. How did it all start out for you and how did you evolve in sound, technology, etc?

t all started in Madrid, around 2005. It was at that time when I first got in touch with electronic music.

At that time, in the evening discotheques, for people under 18 years old, we listened to a style called “Poky” which is a very accelerated hard-house with a lot of dance acapella. It was a lot of fun to dance to. It was something magical at that time.

Then, little by little, during my university career, I started to listen to American and English house music that conquered my mind, my body and my soul. I was lucky enough, after finishing university, to work as a stage manager in several important events in Spain. This gave me the opportunity to meet many important people in the industry with whom I still keep in touch today.

My facet as a DJ started in Madrid, in a small collective called Interstate 94, then I was resident DJ in some clubs but really where it all came alive and made sense was after my arrival in Berlin in 2012. That’s when I started to become more aware of my face as a DJ and especially as a producer.

That would be a good summary of how this whole adventure started.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Without any doubt, my roots come from disco & funky music. As for electronic music, although my passion for house music is indisputable. When it comes to producing, although I have house tracks, I have focused more on the dancefloor drifting to a more tech sound.

I’m very happy with all that tech-house has brought to my career but little by little I want to move away from this style and focus on what really moves my soul.

When people ask me how I define my music, I always answer the same thing. Fun, happy music that makes you smile, dance and above all makes you disconnect from everyday reality.

How I define my music? Fun, happy music that makes you smile, dance and above all makes you disconnect from everyday reality.

When working on music is the dance floor always something you keep in mind? Or does a certain vibe or flow sometimes transcend that?

The dance floor is one of my favourite places in the world. Before I consider myself a DJ, I consider myself a clubber.

I have been visiting clubs and festivals all over the world since I was 17 years old. I understand the dancefloor, I understand what people demand, what people need, how it influences at a certain time for example the amount of alcohol they have drunk. These are factors that must be taken into account and logically when it comes to producing music these are things that I keep in mind.

I like to have an orientation, the baiile track, but logically at the time of producing music, there is this factor with which I try to express my emotions, my feelings, the knowledge that I carry inside and my musical roots.

It’s a good mix of all my experiences until today.

Tell us about your most recent release “Satisfy My Bass”? It’s an amazing release with a great vibe and smooth groove. Very catchy. How did this one come together, especially the collaboration?

I am extremely happy to finally be able to release on Jamie Jones’ label. I’ve lost count of all the demos I’ve sent him over the years and years.

What makes this event even more special is to be able to work again with Andre Salmon, with whom I’ve already released a lot of music and it’s a pleasure to work with him. He is a great producer and works in the studio like no one else. It is a privilege to be able to count on his support again.

The title track is called “Yes, I Like Bass” and features the acapella of Ecuadorian producer Jordano Roosevelt, who adds the Latin touch to the song. Good groove with dark touches, powerful bass and several breaks that hook anyone.

The release also includes an instrumental version for those who are not too fond of Latin vocals. Hope you like the groove amigos.

But there is more to come this year, release-wise. Want to lift the curtain and let us know or is it all still secret?

Upcoming releases on Muna Musik, ORIGINS RCRDS, Get Physical, South Of Saturn and a few other surprises that I cannot reveal at the moment.

Of course, I have quite a few tracks already finished and now it’s time for the hardest part of the process, finding a record label that will embrace them with love and work on the release as it deserves.

Little by little, as I said before, focusing more on the house sound. Exploring new forms of music production. New sounds. It’s a very exciting time.

It came to our ears that you’ll be heading on a tour. What will it be? Where? What cities, …? And especially, what can the crowd expect?

My schedule for November and December is quite busy and I am very excited to be able to return to South America at the end of the year with my biggest tour to date which will start at the end of the year and will take me until May.

I will be based in Medellin and during those 5 months, I will be in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina and other places with which my agency, Shortcut Bookings, is in contact to make this experience unforgettable.

It will be without any doubt something to remember that I am sure I will enjoy very much. Especially because I understand him very well with the public there, they give a lot in each performance and always give you the best they have.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing with your life?

My frustrated profession is to be a journalist. Since I was a child I always liked to inform, to talk to people, to share. I remember I wanted to be a sports journalist and broadcast soccer games on the radio. When I played soccer video games, I would turn down the volume of the TV and commentate on the games. I had a great time!

Maybe that’s why, not being able to dedicate myself to it, I have worked in the past with many electronic music magazines, like DJ Mag Spain, where I was the editor in chief of the online magazine doing interviews, reports, record reviews etc. It was a time which I remember with a very good taste in my mouth.

During the pandemic, I have been collaborating with a project from Spain, Music Business Academy, which is directed by one of my bosses before moving to Berlin, Alejandro Montoya. I’ve been doing interviews with people in the industry: DJs, Producers, agency owners. I wanted to bring some quality material and content to the scene. I am very happy with the experience.

Thank you!

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