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Fritz Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner – From Berlin’s Underground to the Global Stage

Born in East Berlin in 1981, Fritz Kalkbrenner emerged as a luminary figure in the realm of electronic music, his creative trajectory profoundly shaped by the pulsating rhythms of the mid-90s Berlin Techno. In 2008, Kalkbrenner embarked on a collaborative venture with his brother Paul, yielding the iconic “Sky & Sand” for the cinematic independent masterpiece “Berlin Calling.” This pivotal moment served as the genesis for Fritz’s journey into crafting his own soulful and profound electronic compositions.

Debuting his sonic prowess with the release of “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” in 2010 on the esteemed Suol label, Fritz Kalkbrenner garnered acclaim that propelled him into the live performance arena. His sophomore effort, “Sick Travellin’,” resonated emphatically, earning him his inaugural Top 10 album in 2012. Notably, tracks such as “Get a Life” and “Little by Little” showcased Fritz Kalkbrenner’s vocal prowess, solidifying his presence on radio waves.

The ensuing years witnessed a prolific evolution as he delivered his third Top 10 album, “Ways over Water,” in 2014, accompanied by the chart-topping success of the single “Back Home.” Following an exhilarating chapter of extensive live shows, Kalkbrenner returned to his roots in Berlin, channeling newfound inspiration into the 2016 release of “Grand Départ,” his fourth Top 10 album that solidified his stature among electronic music’s elite.

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In a paradigm shift, Fritz Kalkbrenner explored the depths of underground House music with his 2018 opus, “Drown,” a sonic odyssey that marked a departure from mainstream landscapes. Unyielding in his quest for artistic innovation, he took a decisive step in 2019, founding his own label, “Nasua Music,” and collaborating with a cadre of burgeoning talents to produce fresh, boundary-pushing compositions.

The culmination of his artistic odyssey manifested in the 2020 release of his sixth studio album, “True Colours,” a testament to Kalkbrenner’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and sonic exploration. “King Curtis,” an instrumental masterpiece, followed in 2021, showcasing his prowess in crafting evocative soundscapes.

As the calendar turned to fall in 2022, Fritz Kalkbrenner unveiled the single “In the Morning,” a captivating embodiment of his continued evolution and dedication to pushing the boundaries of musical expression. His multifaceted career stands as a testament to an artist continually in pursuit of new dimensions within the vast realm of electronic music.

In 2023, he not only presents a vibrant sound with new tracks such as Set You Free and Waiting For The Sun, but also impresses with a successful European tour and sweaty club gigs. We had the chance to chat with Fritz Kalkbrenner shortly before his gig in Brussels.

How has your music evolved over the years and how does this reflect in your latest releases and live gigs?

Sure, my music has definitely evolved over the years, particularly in terms of my songwriting skills. At least, I’d like to believe that I have improved in that regard.

Growing older most likely brings more maturity, and that, in turn, reflects in my production as well as in my latest releases. And it also influences my live performances, of course.

Where does your inspiration for tracks like “Waiting For The Sun” or “Set You Free ” come from – film, dreams, TV, other music, people?

The inspiration for that track in specific didn’t come from one specific source like film, TV, or other music. It’s more like a culmination of life experiences. Every day we encounter all sorts of moments, whether they be good, bad or just average.

All of these experiences add up over time, like collecting memories in a bag. Now and then I unpack this little bag of inspirations and translate them into a song or lyrics. So the inspiration for “Waiting for the Sun” most likely stems from various influences and emotions.

What’s your aim in the studio – to make groovers that connect, or emotions, or a certain style of energy?

In the studio, my main goal is to convey what I am feeling at that very moment.

Hopefully, that resonates with people and connects them, but the foremost priority is to express the emotions I am experiencing.

Being a musician is quite demanding and also requires a lot of travel. How do you relax when you’re not on the road or in the studio?

That’s quite easy for me. It’s either I am fully engaged with touring or studio work, or I am not. When I am not on tour or in the studio, I find relaxation in everyday activities like spending time in the kitchen, and cooking, and I also love doing other chores around the house, which brings me great comfort.

During your tour you will also stop in Brussels (sold out), what can the fans look forward to the most and what might they be surprised about?

I’ll be absolutely making a stop in Brussels, and the fans can look forward to a fantastic show that compiles my work from over the past ten to fifteen years.

(Photos: Christian Dammann)

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