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I am Frost – No way out EP (Vergissmeinnicht002)

I am Frost

I am Frost – is the stage name of German producer René Frost. René was born in 1987 in the German village of Feldberg in and currently lives in the capital of techno, Berlin. Peace, love & happiness. These three words best describe the feeling that is created when I am Frost performs at clubs and festivals. It was at Fusion Festival where René first experienced that magic moment that infected him with a passion for electronic music. In 2009 he left his village to study music production at the SAE Institute in Berlin and soon became part of the globally active artist collective Vergissmeinnicht. Since 2005 René has been practicing his trade as a DJ and has since rocked countless parties in the German-speaking area.

In 2013 I am Frost re-launched himself with a new name, a new concept and an elaborate live and visual show to bring open-air vibes to even the darkest of cellars. In summer 2013 he released his first single: a remix of Zio’s ‘Sag wenigstens Tschüs’, which also made it onto Zio’s album and was released by Berlheim Media Group. In December 2013 he released his debut EP – The Path to Cognition feat. Robin Schulz Remix. Robin’s remix of ‘The Village’ reached more than a quarter of a million plays and was presented to a bigger public for the first time. In April 2014 he released the song Noom on the first Jannowitz Records compilation with Nico Pusch, Toni Rios, Patty Kay and others.

To create a project that goes beyond the boundaries of music, that was the goal with which René Frost began his I am Frost project in 2013. I am Frost combines music, video and words into a multimedia work of art that appeals to the eyes, ears and mind in equal measure. The story behind the Get your copy » follows on seamlessly from the previous EP, The Path to Cognition, and can be understood as a second chapter in this story, with the third chapter awaiting in winter 2014.

No way out EP

Recently he recorded his second EP – No Way Out and invited the German producer Tinush to make a remix. The album has been released on August 1. Get your copy »

The No Way Out EP takes her thrilling energy out of the vibrant of life itself and combines intensive snapshots light-footed with soulful vibes.

‘Divorced’ aims to describe the feeling of being left by someone you love. The guitar expresses a sense of loneliness, the metallic percussion gives an ominous impression of rattling chains. These feeling are mixed with anger & disbelief, which come across through the driving bass line. Meanwhile, individual synth sounds suggest a far-off cry for help.

The second track ‘Still in Love’ begins with a guitar melody and string section evoking a romantic mood upon which the songs gradually builds. The powerful foundation expresses the gravity and depth of the subject before the song suddenly opens up. In the second half of the track, in particular, the guitar, strings and synths conjure up a feeling of endlessness. Then comes another moment of calm, leaving pause for a long kiss, before the track begins to build again. A romantic song that evokes wonderful mental images without becoming corny.

In ‘No Way Out’ we hear the guitar play a funky, summery riff. The groovy bass line and driving percussion implore us to go crazy on the dance floor. As the track develops a rave-like synth sound emerges, adding tremendous energy to the mix. A confident, summer-time song that is simply about having fun.


Vergissmeinnicht is a globally active artist collective with bases in Peru, Germany & Switzerland. With monthly party series in Peru and Zurich providing a strong basis, Vergissmeinnicht cemented its legendary status after organizing the Görlitzer Park open air party of 1 May 2011. The idea behind Vergissmeinnicht is to provide a platform for like-minded artists for trans-border cultural exchange and to help each other with promotion, advice, contacts and music production.

Vergissmeinnicht is not only a synonym for tolerance and connectedness, it also stands for pausing to enjoy the moment in a world that is moving faster all the time. The collective hosts regular events in Peru (Lima), Switzerland (Zurich and Baden) and Germany (Berlin). In 2013 Vergissmeinnicht also began life as a record label.

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