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Get to know Eren Erdol. We had a chat with the jovial DJ/Producer.

Eren Erdol

Only a few weeks ago we got a nice message from Eren Erdol informing us about his latest release ‘Transparent Beauty’. A fantastic EP with one original and a phenomenal remix of the original nobody less than by Teenage Mutants. We had a listen and enjoyed it very much as you can read in the review we posted a little while ago.

So we thought it was a good idea to have a chat with this jovial DJ/producer from Istanbul and find out a little more about him and his musical endeavours. Hope you’ll like the interview.

So Eren, we’d like to thank you for getting in touch with us. ‘Transparent Beauty’ is a fantastic deep house track and one hell of a remix by Teenage Mutants on your EP. We’ll touch base on this later on. First something about yourself.

How’s life in Istanbul?
Not bad 🙂 A little bit strenuous but it has still some place where you can feel peaceful.

How about nightlife? Is there a crowd for deep and tech house or are there only clubs for popular EDM?
I can definitely say that nightlife is getting better every day. Many commercial and underground artist come to perform Istanbul especially the last two years. We got so cool house and techno clubs and the crowd interest in the events organised in these clubs is growing.

Is there a specific ‘Istanbul sound’ as the city for sure can be described as eclectic?
Sadly enough not. Producers from Istanbul, mostly young producers, are still learning how to create a unique sound. Maybe also some other steps need to be taken to create a unique Istanbul sound. We’ll get there, I am sure.

Are there other artists from the city we need to know about?
Sure! Kerem Akdag and Mutlu San are my favorite producers from the city. Kerem’s last LP has been released this month and Mutlu’s first EP will be released in the coming days on our imprint Petra Digital and it includes a remix from Techno legend John Tejada.

We’re so exciting to release it !

You’ve been traveling around the world if we trust your profile on Soundcloud. Where have you been?
I’ve lived in Groningen, Netherlands and I’ve learned so many precious things about music and about life. I want to visit the rest of Europe like France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy etc. By the way, my first performance was in Paris three years ago, and I loved it 🙂

Maybe tell us something about your most interesting or dramatic experience (music-wise) while traveling.
Actually everything was normal while traveling 🙂
TGMS:haha, this is akward as there must have been crazy things you can mention.

Anyway, something bout your music. How did you get to ‘your sound’ and why this sound?
Well, early days of my production journey, I was more close to Jazzy sounds. When I started to listen to House music, it effected me very much and I said to myself: ‘Damn ! I should create sounds like that!’ and I tried to create my own unique sound. It had to be this sound because as a listener, I like to listen to House music.

On your most recent EP ‘Transparent Beauty’ you collaborated with Teenage Mutants. How did you end up working with him?
As ‘Beautiful Stranger’ is my first EP it was important for me to cooperate with a strong name in the industry. Teenage Mutants arranged a blast remix for my original and I’m so happy that we’ll probably make something new together.

Did you ask other producers to edit your original?
Not for ‘Beautiful Stranger’ but sure for my next EP. That one will be released with a remix by the guys from Jeudi Records, Cheap Picasso.

As a producer you can say a track is never finished. Giving points out of a scale from 0 to 10, how do you rate the remix? Not a fair question but we want to know what pushes your boundaries.
It depends who make a remix for your track and what kind of sound you think that suitable for the original ?

Is there something you want to share something with upcoming talents on how to approach the music scene? Something on how to release music, as it is hard to find a record label. Even when there are thousands of them out there.
I think the first rule for the producers who want to release their tracks professionally, is to find a unique sound. Then, to send their tracks only suitable labels that fit their sound and capability.

Coming back to that, why did you start your own imprint Petra Digital Recordings?
In Istanbul there is no professional electronic music label. In the past, people tried to establish some imprints but electronic music was not so popular in those times. Now, many Turkey based producers try to shine and break through and we want to give a chance them to release music and fill some dance floors.

What are the criteria to release music on your label?
It should be dance music 🙂

Any upcoming releases planned for the coming period?
Yeps ! One of our local artist Mutlu San who performed Boiler Room Istanbul on previous summer, will release his EP from our imprint as a vinyl also. Some other release will be from Copenhagen based producer James Moor.

When playing as a DJ, which 3 tracks will never leave your bag?
Nowadays, I really love to play:

  • Andy Hart – Hermano Listen
  • Cloud 9 – Do You Want Me Baby? (Dusky Remix) Listen
  • James Welsh – Air Walley Listen

Do you have upcoming gigs in the near future?
You guys can check my Facebook page for updates !

What’s your ultimate dream location to play? And why of course.
I really would be play ADE because it’s simply gorgeous festival ! Maybe we can be a part of the Festival this year (2015) 🙂

Thank you very much, Eren. Hope to talk to you next time!!

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