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Adam de Maaral releasing new music via Adesso Music

Get to know Adam de Maaral and their new work out via Adesso music

It’s often said that the appeal of good house music is a timeless one, and Italian duo Adam de Maraal are a case in point.

The first meeting in Sorrento in the late 80s, the guys are musical obsessives who have been doing their thing for some time now, always with an infectious enthusiasm that continues to draw plaudits from some of the scene’s foremost labels. From Defected to King Street to Glasgow Underground to most recently, Adesso (for whom they’ve released their latest EP, the brilliant Bracing), these guys continue to have their finger on the pulse. We checked in with them recently to find out what’s been happening in their world… 

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How are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now? Music aside, what’s been keeping you guys busy of late?

We’re fine! We are focused on the good things right now: family, friendships, music and creating new stuff!

How have you survived the last year? What got you through it?

We faced a long lockdown in Italy and there were a lot of subsequent restrictions due to the pandemic. Even though we have regularly been in touch with our colleagues and friends; we did have more time to spend with the family, listen to new music, set up new tracks and read some good books. All of that stuff undoubtedly helped us. 

What stage is Italy at with parties right now – have you played any yet with no restrictions?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, clubs are still closed and dancing is not permitted in Italy. And right now, we can’t say when this will be lifted. But we spent a lot of time in the studio over the last while which has been great, and we are playing music in beach clubs and sunset parties: a challenging but rewarding experience. 

Can you tell us a bit about Sorrento as a place to live, visit and party?

Sorrento is a popular tourist destination, close to Capri, Positano, Pompei and Naples. And it has a special international tourist vibe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists are visiting Sorrento every year, coming from USA, Europe, the Far East and then Australia. The landscape, sea and food are the main drivers. There are some very nice beach clubs and terraces; maybe our sound hints at us being international as we have the chance to meet the world even when we are at home!

What were the parties like there growing up then? And where did you guys meet?

We met in Sorrento in a store record, where we would regularly listen to new releases…never less than four days per week, if not every day! It was around 1987 and, since then, our friendship has continued; we have both played vinyl for more than 20 years. Back then, meeting someone at a store was not unusual!

Where did you stand on the people playing plague raves?

Undoubtedly people need (and love) to stay together and some restrictions were needed, especially at the beginning when the pandemic was spreading. The last 18 months were unprecedented and we just hope that people can return to stay together and of course stay safe as they do it. 

Can you tell us a bit about how your music got signed to Adesso? And what’s your relationship like with Junior Jack?

We really love Junior Jack’s sounds and find them quite unique. Indeed, we have actually been playing his tracks out for years. So you can’t imagine how happy we were when he signed Bracing to the label. Truly incredible moment! 

Do you usually approach labels with your sounds or how does your music get signed?

We propose our tracks to labels that in principle, we consider a good fit for our sound. That’s it basically. 

Would you guys ever start your own label?

We are focused on studio productions and DJing. Presently speaking, running our own label is not on the list, but never say never!

What do you feel are the benefits and downsides of working as a duo?

We have a common vision and mutual respect: together we are one. As for downsides… hahaha

Is there something unique about the Italian sound? Something about the style that makes it different from other cities and countries?

In Italy we have very long-time expertise in the industry; also, all the time there are new and very talented DJs/producers coming into the scene: passion, hard work, creativity; every day is a new opportunity to discover, learn and improve.  

What inspired your new EP? And can you talk us through it a bit?

We aimed to create an “old school” track with a modern aesthetic. We think we’ve done it! 

Adam de Maraal’s Bracing is out now via Adesso Music. Buy/listen to the release here.   

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

We are working regularly in the studio: we have some further releases scheduled this year and we are completing new stuff.  Also, we are planning some DJ gigs in Italy and Europe too. So stay tuned!

Thank you.

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