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Get to know Messier

Messier is well known and respected as an artist with his original productions in a short period of record time. He keeps his unique style that preserves his powerful sounds always in development. He’s always dedicating many hours to his studio and playing at different clubs and events across the world, where he has been able to verify the effectiveness of his original sound & productions by getting ready for the next move on his impacting career that grows at a fast pace.

The master is with us for a short and in-depth interview. Check it out

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Hey Eddie, how are things? What have you been up to lately?

Hello, Claudio thanks for the interview. Well, things have been great. We are getting ready for another busy year.

You seem to be quite busy with a lot of releases. Tell us all about it.

We’ll feel blessed about having such great support from all my label partners who have welcomed me with open arms and given a home to all my music, the music never stops.

What is to be expected soon?

Expect a year full of releases via great labels after having the whole year scheduled with lots of new music. On top, we’re working on more tour dates.

As Messier, how would you describe your development as an artist? What are some of the pitfalls you might have overcome?

Like any other new artist, I had to start from scratch. Since 2020 I’ve started this music path as a career. By working hard since ignition, by getting quick support from many labels and artists that have got me where I am now. I wouldn’t be here without you all. This a very difficult career with lots of competition, and I feel lucky with all the people that I’ve met. All of that, little by little forms a small piece of who I am now.

Did music listening to at a younger age influence the music you produce today?

Absolutely, I’ve been collecting records in MP3s since Napster, and I’ve been dragging all that music through the years. I still have them all on several hard drives. As long as I remember, I’ve been a music addict. All the music I’ve heard, collected and followed this whole time, helped me to diversify different music tastes and made me a complete artist.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Messier has a unique sound that I’ve developed and sharpened over the years. It’s a commitment from me to make sure when people listen to my music. They can already tell that it’s Messier. The feeling that I want to transfer is unique as I want to bring something new to the table. Messier is a mix of Techno and melodic with Progressive basis. It’s a new version of all these genres that all I want to project is powerful grooves and energetic vibes. With catchy melodies that are organically composed on my instruments. People can connect and say Messier is bringing something new to the table.

How do you take that development over into the production work when you operate as the duo No straiN?

I try to prevail with my sound, and I am always looking for new ways to throw new sounds and ideas without losing the essence of what my original sound needs to keep alive. However, when me and EZEK decided to create No straiN, it showed Messier’s melodic side and added that spice of power to EZEK’s dark project. The fusion that we create is mindblowing. Don’t forget to check No straiN, you guys won’t regret it. I’m sure that we’ll accomplish great things together in the future.

Music and sound are in some ways the most collaborative and interactive forms of creativity – what are your thoughts on this? How do you collaborate on new work?

I always try to collab, remix and support new talent, I’m always open the hand to those that have talent and give them the best advice, however, it’s always challenging to combine ideas from different minds and work them together till we agree into the final result, I get very demanding when it comes down to it cause I’m very perfectionist on my productions and if I’m collaborating it has to be for the best of both interests.

When you’re working on a new project, what’s your typical starting point? How do you break it down and how do you like to generate your ideas? And how do you approach it as a duo?

I start every project from scratch, every track or remix is a new chapter, I start from the low end, kick, bass and low elements are the backbone of my tracks, they need to be mixed properly to the detail cause effectiveness depends on it. Then I go with the grooves, drums are essential and need to move along with the lowes and then I start the sound design and create nice melodies that I’ll play along with the grooves. After that, work needs to be done for all arrangements and structurising the tracks. The last thing to do, are the FXs and atmos and polish the rest.

As a duo, it depends if I get a project from my partner. Trying to respect their sound while I add mine to it. If I have to send the project and have to get back in to get very detailed until I get both parts the way I want them.

Thank you.

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