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Get to Know Vander and his recent music out on Disc Tabu

Get to Know Vander and his recent music out on Discos Tabú

An artist truly on the rise and one who’s garnered strong support across the globe with not only a slew of releases across respected imprints such as Stil Vor Talent, Gardens Of Babylon Records and most recently, on Discos Tabú.

Vander, an artist from the Dominican Republic and is based in Amsterdam is currently on a world tour and is set to perform in Miami in September to finalise the tour. We got to speak directly with Vander about this, how his year has been in music and of course the latest release on Disco Tabu titled ‘Vamos A Bailar’, which includes an assortment of remixes from Spaniol, Jose Noventa & Ykonosh.

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Hello Vander! What have you been up to? How has the pandemic life treated you in the past year?

Hey guys, all has been good. I’ve been working very hard in the studio defining a new sound and a live set that will be seeing the public very soon. Last year was a wake-up call to me, it taught me that I can’t put all my eggs in one basket. I also discovered my second calling, which is helping upcoming producers get better at their craft. Together with a talented team, we created an online music academy called the Curious Artist’s Club, where we produce masterclasses with talented artists on topics ranging from sound design to mixing, creativity, workflow and so much more. 

Would you say you have been spending more or less time in the studio?

Definitely more time, it’s been a great time. I think my music evolved 10 years in such a short time.

We understand you have been on tour, how has that been going?

It’s been amazing to be back on the road, playing all my new material and being surrounded by people. Even though I was very focused and at ease in the studio, not being able to play was becoming an overwhelming sensation. I feel I have a purpose again.

Is there any particular project that you enjoyed working on most in the past months?

I’ve enjoyed working on a lot – it’s been really amazing to bring artists together to share their experience, inspiration and information. Seeing our students improve from the courses has been an amazing feeling.

Can you tell us a bit more about “Vamos a bailer” EP released on Disco Tabu? 

Vamos A Bailar is a project I started last year, the whole purpose of this is to highlight my Latin roots in electronic music. This track represents who I am at my core, a Dominican artist.

What would you say is your most expected gig for this year? And why?

I was super looking forward to The Mountain Festival in Davos Switzerland and I am very happy it actually happened. Last year was my debut in that festival and I played a legendary 3-hour set. This year they asked me to do two-three hours sets which were amazing. You can check out on my Instagram the videos of the festival and understand the energy these guys created. Gotta love my Swiss family.

Do you have any exciting future projects you are looking forward to? 

I have 3 upcoming EPs, one live set, and masterclasses from Uji, Joep Mencke, K2W0 and more on – so I guess there is a lot I am excited about hehe.

What has been the venue or place you have missed playing in most over the past year? And why?

The Monastery Festival and Burning Man definitely. I think these two don’t need an explanation of why I missed playing there.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Not much, just thank you for this opportunity of sharing my upcoming projects and promoting my latest EP Vamos A Bailar on your amazing platform. For everyone out there reading this, if you’re into making electronic music please give our platform a visit and if you’re a music lover please check out my latest release and make sure you are in a safe environment because it will make your body move!

Thank you

Vander’s latest releases, including the one above is available via Traxsource.

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