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Granulit - Continuity EP

Granulit – Continuity EP. Techno-beats and stirring melodies.

Granulit, a passionate producer

About one year ago he made his debut on the sublime Underyourskin sublabel Black Hills recordings with his Undreamed EP. It’s a small 2-track EP called ‘Undreamed’ and it’s pretty dark matter which we at Tanzgemeinschaft like so much.

After this release it went a bit silent but Simon, who goes under the moniker Granulit, told me he is not been sitting still and is busy doing many things at a time. His side project ‘Exolar’, wich he forms together with a friend, is taking shape and they’ve recently released a first unsigned EP called Dysnomia. Make sure to have a listen. This is more experimental music with a deeper approach. Dreamy, Sometimes energetic. It’s superior work!

In between Granulit kept on producing as a good passionate producer does. Together with Amsterdam-based Working Dog, he dropped another unsigned release named Enthalpy. If you are a fan of the darker side of deep and tech house this one is for you. It’s a free download.

Continuity EP

Good and hard work always pays off and so it went also this time. Granulit got rewarded with a sublime debut release on the sublime Re:sound Music imprint. We do hope it’s a collaboration for a long-lasting time. We are a great fan of GRanulit as we know what’s happing with behind the scene. A great talent with even greater ideas music-wise. As for Re:sound we know they are not afraid of challenges and see great opportunities, even for young emerging talents. It’s more like a platform on which they nurture talent.

Continuity showcases his signature sound. The fusion of rolling techno-beats and stirring melodies shaping an intricate atmosphere which holds strong emotional depths. It’s a little bumpier and a bit more uplifting compared to his previous work though. It’s less dark and heavy.

The original gets the remix treatment from De Freitas. Staying true to the original melodic elements and adding his own flare.

Read the interview we had with Granulit back in April.

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