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Cabaret Nocturne

A great escape from reality. Cabaret Nocturne drops Hidden Gates.

Once again we are surprised. Living in Belgium, country of chocolate and beer, and great beat manufacturers so it seems.

We are going to be honest and say we have never heard of Raphaël de Sauvage who goes under the moniker Cabaret Nocturne. But he has been around since ´96 and still is producing stunning material. Hence his upcoming release on the UK based People Get Real – Join Our Club imprint. It’s his third release already on the label that delivers work from the very best DJ talent that are around. And having heard Cabaret Savauge’s new EP ‘Hidden Gates’ we can only agree. It’s one great escape from reality.

I will not spend much time explaining how it sounds. Get a decent stereo with bass settings aligned perfectly and hit play. You’ll be amazed.

Opening with the title track ‘Hidden Gates’, Cabaret Nocturne, grabs you by the troth with it’s deep melodic synths and a slow paced pounding bass line. Moving along it feels like you are riding a Balearic wave, not to come off of it if this track would play infinite.

Second original is called ‘Outlaw Knight’. The pulsating deep bass line on this one feels like a wild heart beat. Dropping dead in the middle and will start pounding again after a break. This is deep & dark club material!

Lizards creates a magistral time stretched and chopped up version of the original ‘Hidden Gates’. A mystical slow paced version with a deep and dark sub bass. It’s the last thing you want to hear before leaving the club.

Cabaret Nocturne Cabaret Nocturne Cabaret Nocturne Cabaret Nocturne

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