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Ground16’s message via Ruvido Records

What inspired the thematic elements of your ambient album on Ruvido Records, and how do you integrate these themes into your music? Considering that your EP “Resistance” delves into the intersection of ecology and capitalism, weaving a narrative of defiance and hope, could you elaborate on how these themes influenced your sound design and composition process?

I’ve long been passionate about economics, social issues, and ecology. For a while, I’ve wanted to create a music EP with a strong message, but my usual house/club music didn’t provide the right space for this kind of engagement. The opportunity arose when a friend invited me to contribute to the I-Opener project, an immersive video installation designed to foster ecological awareness. It was the perfect chance to express my thoughts through music.

In “Resistance”, I incorporated environmental sounds like whales, birds, and forests, juxtaposing them with mechanical noises from synths. This contrast, especially in “Sea Whispers”, highlights the tension between the natural world and industrialization. The idea was also to create a narrative that reflects the emotions and thoughts inherent in political activism.

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How does your background in socioeconomics influence your approach to music production and the messages you convey through your work? Given your academic background and your insights into the necessity of developing local scenes and reducing international travels, how do these perspectives shape your artistic choices and the overall production of your music?

I think that my academic background in socioeconomics indirectly shapes how I approach music and the messages I want to get across. The “Resistance” EP is an expression of my Marxist beliefs, illustrating the connection between ecological issues, capitalism, and class struggle. The EP’s concept and track titles reflect the notion that a sustainable and just world cannot be driven by capitalist profit. Those concepts are antinomic. Achieving such a world requires continuous effort — fight, think, invent, and keep fighting for change. This ideology shapes my EP, encouraging listeners to reflect on the need for systemic change to address both social and ecological challenges.

I believe that art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and action. By embedding my socio-economic perspectives into my music, I aim to challenge listeners to think critically about the structures of our world and the necessity for a radical shift towards sustainability and social justice. 

What technical and creative challenges did you face during the production of your album, and how did you overcome them? Reflecting on your experience creating the ambient soundscapes for this album, what were some of the most significant obstacles you encountered, and what strategies did you employ to address them?

Creating this EP was a new challenge for me, as I had never made ambient music before. I had to move away from my usual house style and make something more atmospheric and less rhythmic. The fourth track is a bit of an exception because I couldn’t resist adding more drum machines and rhythms. 🙂

Matching the music to the exhibition and video was particularly challenging because it required precise timing, which I wasn’t used to. This process involved long editing sessions and discussions with Oliver, the I-Opener founder. We had to make sure that the music not only complemented the visuals but also enhanced the immersive experience for the audience.

Despite these challenges, I used my background in deep house, which often has atmospheric elements, to guide my work. I found that making ambient music allowed for more creative freedom compared to club music, and it ended up feeling pretty natural. The lack of rigid structures in ambient music meant I could explore different textures and layers without the constraints of a solid beat. Ultimately, this project expanded my creative horizons.

Please share a list of music that has inspired you on this journey.

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