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Hannes Rasmus – Kleinste Teilchen (Traum V193)

« Photo by Desiré van den Berg »

He is an old synths and hardware fanatic. We are talking about Hannes Rasmus here. He definitely is person who really loves to live up with his analogue gear. This was alreadythe case on his debut on Traum Schalleplatten, “Musik Für Fünf Maschinen” from last year. Hannes keeps his analogue gear as a loyal friend on his new EP “Kleinste Teilchen”.

As he can hardly be pinned down to one genre or be put into one category he for sure is a man that makes the equipment speak for all of us and himself. He can squeeze a personal sound out of it that will result in beautiful raw and lush melodies. So get ready for his new drop “Kleinste Teilchen”!

The opening track “Kleinste Teilchen” starts with a catchy vintage clap and a good funky baseline. It could have been a vintage Chicago house track had he not added timeless melodies that describe a soulful “post disco” era. “Kleinste Teilchen” is hedonistic and an emotional roller coaster expressed by drastic key changes and smallest nuances. It is music that rather sees its elements blending and flowing into each other with style and attitude.

“Auf ZAQ” combines raw grinding synth sounds with a superb Sueño Latino feeling. Get your groove on with this one. High energy and debouchery are at place here. “Modular” starts bass heavy but then switches to disco mode. Done all stylish and with lots of grandeur, “Modular” stalks with determination on high heels through hedonistic times. HThere sure is enough romance in all of this to create an uplifting mode.

The third original, “MKS-50”, is like a mysterious love affair. It tells the story by using glamorous synth sounds that turn and twist as in the act of love. In times of zillion existing plugins, Hannes Rasmus takes the art of simplicity to a new level by using beautiful sounds from the past and rises the level of emotion in this one.

Henning Richter took care of the only remix on the EP. He remixed “Kleinste Teilchen ” and has given the original a deeper and laid-back direction.

Hannes Rasmus Hannes Rasmus Henning Richter

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