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Interview with DJ & producer ADRIANZA

In conversation with ADRIANZA

At the end of a year that seems to be a terrible one for most of us, we had a chat with a very optimistic artists. According ADRIANZA this was the best year of his career. Sit down and relax and read all about it in the interview below.

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Tell us a little about your year. How have you dealt with all the insanity?
Well, for me this year, in all the madness, has been the best year of my career. It was a challenge for me, it was the year that I focused the most on the production area, during the day I have a regular job for eight hours and then when I get home from three to 6 hours in the studio. The parties were stopped but that did not stop the dream of releasing music. I got 4 singles, 3 EPs of which one of those went number one worldwide in the Minimal Deep Tech category on TraxSource. And finally, we close with the album, my biggest project.

Have you learned a lot both personally and professionally?

I have personally learned to change certain attitudes for the better. I currently run my record label, we do events and promotions and I have learned to know how to speak with respect. Professionally this year we have learned how to take it to the maximum level both as a label and as an artist. Right now we are working with Jukebox PR from UK for the entire promo of the label and we are going to include some of the best artists of the moment such as Remixers and Releases on Adrianza Records.

You’ve put out some great music this year, including your recent LP “Algo Distinto”. Do you have something personal highlight? And has music worked as a therapy for you this year?
Yes, music for me is my therapy. It is the moment where I can escape from everything and just flow in the studio. I will continue making music for all my life as it’s my passion.

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Do you think the industry as a whole needs to learn from this pandemic?

Yes, I think that within all bad situations people have a way of getting something good out of it. Right now many of the artists who were locked up gave them time to resume production and have time to finish all the songs that they will release in the future. Others are giving courses online among other things.

Looking back a bit, can you tell us a bit about your favorite dancefloor memories over the years? And what is it about the raw dance floor that is so special, do you think?

I started organising parties in my country, Venezuela, seven years ago. I grew up watching the industry unfold, then when I moved to the USA I realized the potential and beauty of all the clubs, festivals, private parties. I believe that each city has a special vibe with cool people. For me, it is incredible to be able to meet people within the industry who benefit you and you can work in the future because they think the same.

For me, it is incredible to be able to meet people within the industry who benefit you and you can work in the future because they think the same.

What is the general atmosphere you want to create with your label, Adrianza Records?

What I want to create with my label is a concept of Minimal Deep Tech & House music. We are doing two to three monthly events in different cities, our mission is to bring this concept of parties and music to all US cities, and then in the future make it global. Regarding the releases of the label, we will keep it very exclusive the songs that we have for the next year, for sure we will make history in the industry.

Many record labels these days release too much music in the hope that something will stick. What do you think of the labels that adopt these types of attitudes? And has everything digital had a detrimental effect in this regard?
The truth is I am the type of person who is always going to make music in this bad or a good situation. I do this out of passion, not because I am the most popular or the most famous, this goes beyond that. That is why we will always release a release every month twelve releases a year.

Finally, on a personal level, will you make a New Year’s resolution? And what else can we expect from you in the coming time?

I really already have all the releases from the next year ready, I will have ten releases under my label including originals, collabs & remixes. And I will also have other releases from other artists. A preview of the remixers included for 2021 Jean Pierre, Christian Burkhardt & Nacho Bolognani, all the others I leave to your imagination thanks for this interview blessings.

Thank you.

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