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In conversation with Indieveed

Back in 2018, the Ukrainian talent made us a fabulous mix. We thought it was time to check how it is going and about the steps he made over the course of 2 years. We think he surely is a representative of the younger generation of Ukrainian electronic underground.

Indieveed, means individuality & lateral thinking, not afraid to experiment thereby creating its own individual sound. A characteristic feature of his work is melodic and atmospheric, the desire to convey their emotions with music, as well as views, forcing you to look at things differently.

Enjoy the music and the interview.

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Hey Aleksandr, how are you doing these days?
Hey ​Claudio, glad to see you again. At the moment, like many countries, we are in quarantine. But I hope that everything will be fine soon. Otherwise, everything is fine. I hope are you too.

Back in 2018, you made us a fantastic mix. What has changed in the course of the past 2 years?
It’s very nice that you like my mix. I think a lot of things happened during this time. I’ve had releases that are important to me and managed to get performances over almost all my country. And of course, meeting many wonderful people.

How do you feel production has changed over the years (good or bad) – do you still get as much pleasure from it?
Generally speaking, the music has certainly changed since it seems to me that this is a natural process of merging styles and new trends. As to whether it is good or bad, I think a good side is that the change always seems to me to be for the better, the only music is that it devalues from the fact that there is a lot of it and this is of course bad. Undoubtedly, I still enjoy creating something new as music is an integral part of my life.

How do you get inspiration for new music?
This is a good question, I really like to listen to the music of the 90s, as this is the music of my childhood, I think most of the inspiration I draw from that time. I think everything that happens in my life has an effect on me and my music and inspiration can be events of both bad and good origin.

Tell us about your production setup?
In fact, everything is quite simple I have a laptop, a midi keyboard, studio monitors, a pair of headphones, Ableton, some favourite VST plugins and of course my fantasy.

Not so long ago you had a release on Disco Halal. Tell us how that came about.
The first version of the track was made in 2018, along with two more tracks that I sent for consideration to Moscoman of which he selected the track “Anthem”, but the track was only planned for release and has not yet been confirmed by him. Sometime after the improvements, I sent the track again and so it was signed on the label Disco Halal.

Do you have more releases on your shelf, ready to be released?
A new release which includes 2 new tracks on the Druma label has already been signed and a remix for Mr Morek on the KDB label will also be released. There are also tracks that are under consideration by labels. A lot of unpublished material that is waiting for its time.

How do you see the industry right now given the range of platforms and reliance on social media to push promotion?
I see this only as a positive side because thanks to the Internet it is a good tool for promoting music around the world. It’s great that there are communities like Tanzgemeinschaft who demonstrate new artists to the world for which special thanks to you.

How are you coping with these crazy times we are living in? What effect has this virus outbreak on you and your music?
Indeed, we live now in a crazy time. I try to limit myself sometimes from the internet and social networks since the amount of not high-quality information exceeds. As for everyone, the virus negatively affects my music, performances and releases are postponed, but the main thing is that we all stay healthy.

How do you see all of this evolve? Online festivals being streamed? Use of Virtual Reality exploding?
Unfortunately, this negatively affects the industry as a whole. Clubs and promoters at a loss, and with them DJs are left without tours, people get less emotion from attending parties. In connection with the current situation, online festivals are perhaps the only way to interact with the audience, but I think this cannot fully replace the absence of their visit. Virtual Reality is an interesting way of communicating with the listener but still not the foundation, as it seems to me.

What labels are killing it for you right now – tracks you’re playing and loving?
My favourites labels at the moment are Innervisions, Disco Halal & Life & Death. This is really what’s killing me right now.

Top 5 tracks which I loving and playing:

Any DJs you think we should check out?
I would recommend listening to DJs like Dixon, Âme, Trikk. It is always a journey into the world of sounds.

Maybe tell us about your artist name. Where does it come from and does it have a meaning?
It’s a funny story about my name. Before I created the “Indieveed” project, I already had experience in creating music under various pseudonyms, and when I realized that I wanted to do it seriously, I decided to come up with a name that would describe my music. About two months I walked with this thought, and one time I rode on the subway and became a casual listener of a conversation between a guy and a girl in which I heard the word “individual” and then I immediately realized what I was looking for, though I came up with my own spelling of this word. But its meaning remains the same as the word individual means – as something unusual and not standard.

Thank you
Thanks for having me.

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