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TGMS Future Stars #12: Indieveed

Power from Ukraine

Indieveed is a talented producer from Ukraine and differentiates himself from others for not being afraid to experiment, thereby creating his own individual sound. He is definitely a representative of the younger Ukrainian electronic underground generation. Behind a large number of releases, his music varies between hypnotic techno and house with impurities of electronics. Of the latest achievements are releases on labels like Jeahmon, DRUMA and Traum. Indieveed presented his live performances this year and continues to improve it.

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Q&A with Indieveed

Where are you from?
I am Ukrainian and I am born in a small town called Smila, that is in the centre of Ukraine

What do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
In fact, I love my homeland. And in my opinion, the electronic scene in Ukraine is fast growing. I can only but rejoice for more. Very actual is a progressive house, melodic techno and other evolutions of house and techno music. From the specific representatives of these directions, I would like to mention my brothers of DRUMA Music, namely: Musson, Igoreo Isaqov, White Fly …

Can you tell us a bit about your music background?
During my childhood, my dad inspired me with the love of music. He always listened to the unusual music with different sounds and melodies. He had very good taste as he listened to Depeche Mode, Art of Noise and many other electronic music projects of that time.

So from childhood, I listened to this kind of music due to my father, and I had toughts of creating something like this of my own.

When did you start DJing/producing?
Years so eight or ten back were the first attempts to create their own compositions, although it was hard to call it music. but a great desire and persistence gave their result. Experiments with styles and directions have not passed by. namely led to the fact that he decided to create a project “Indieveed” – which means something unusual and unique. For the first time for a DJ console, I became in 2010 in my hometown was a small club. in which mostly laconic DJs performed. And how then at one of the parties I got acquainted with the art director of this club who in combination was a DJ as well, he offered to try himself in this business and I began to come a couple of hours before the opening and trained to reduce the tracks. These were my first steps in DJing.

What or who are your (early) passions and influences?
Аt one time I was a big fan of the band “Prodigy”, later there was a drum&bass a little techno and house. Once a friend of mine gave me records of Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Huntemann, Extrawelt and I just fell in love with this. Sweet music to my ears. Оver time, my taste began to change. I now share the ideology of labels by the likes of Life & Death, Innervisions, Afterlife, Diynamic and many others. But my main leverage is my residency on the Kiev label DRUMA with an excellent team of like-minded people. We have big plans for the future and you will definitely hear from us again.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
Here you will hear the full picture of the sound that I prefer at the moment. Also, you will hear a lot of exclusive material here.

What can we expect from you this year?
А lot of new music, an update of my live and a lot of bright and exciting events

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