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Pretty Pink

In conversation with Pretty Pink

The internationally acclaimed Pretty Pink, who is celebrated for her productions on labels such as Suara, Armada Deep and Universal, as well as behind the decks for her distinctive and melodic Deep and Tech House. Petty Pink is not only taking the clubs and festivals like Tomorrowland by storm with her awesome sets, unique productions and remixes, but also the Beatport Charts with her releases and her label Wanderlust.

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Hope all is well in these strange times?

Thank you very much for your asking and for the interview! I am doing well and I am making the best of the situation.

Keeping yourself busy in a lockdown?

Yes, indeed. I have now slightly shifted my focus and invest more time in my own label Wanderlust. I use the free time on the weekends for more work in the studio and to listen to new demos. I started streaming live on Twitch very early in the crisis phase. I was missing this direct contact with the fans in the club and this way I now have a possibility to stay in contact and communicate with them.

What effect does the Coronavirus have on you on a negative and a positive way?

The negative aspect is, of course, a very human one: you worry about friends and family. The cancelled events also play an enormous role, of course, since I was out having gigs every weekend before. The positive aspect is that I take more time and enjoy things more consciously.  And now new ideas like the live stream are coming up.

How do you see the future of DJ’ing?

I do not believe that anything will change significantly. Of course, apps and streaming services will be expanded, but I think the digital experience can’t replace the real experience in a club or at a festival by far. But how the development will actually be, we will probably only see in the future.

You released a new track called Move it with an AKA AKA Remix on board. Tell us all about it from idea to production.

I had the idea for the track in my drawer for a long time. I still remember the first steps of the production in the studio, which came very quickly. Sometimes you sit for a long time on single parts or sequences, but this one was a bit different and everything worked very well right away. The goal was to have a very rich groove from the beginning to the end. And according to the reactions so far, it seems to have worked out. While I was testing the track live AKA AKA loved it and ask me if they can remix ‚ Move It‘, their remix is very special it is your bouncing and perfect add on to my original! You should check it out!

How do you approach production – do you have a routine or wait for inspiration to come?

Yes, of course, I have a few procedures and steps in the studio that are always similar. So let’s call it a certain basis to go into production. But at a specific point, it becomes very detached from this routine and I go on an excursion. You have to maintain a kind of dynamic during the production so that it always becomes a little adventure in the studio.

What do you see yourself as most… a DJ or producer?

At the end of the day, I don’t really split that up. I’m a DJ, a producer and also a label owner. And it’s exactly this combination of the individual parts that gives me so much fun and pleasure in the music and the music industry itself. I started out as a DJ and the work in the studio and the work with the label came later, but in the meantime, I have grown very close to everything and don’t want to miss anything.

I started out as a DJ and the work in the studio and the work with the label came later, but in the meantime, I have grown very close to everything and don’t want to miss anything.

What gives you inspiration these days?
I have to admit that I really enjoyed travelling and discovering new cultures, places and people. I have drawn a lot of inspiration from this. Of course, that’s what I miss at the moment. On the other hand, I am now very much reflecting on the here and now, experiencing moments more consciously and also appreciating the little things of everyday life very much. From this, I gain a lot of positive energy, which I can release in the studio or during my live sets on Twitch.

Thank you.

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