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Vancouver-based DJ & producer The GOAT

In conversation with The GOAT.

The GOAT dropping a fabulous mix

Chris Marcinkiewicz aka The GOAT is a Vancouver-based DJ and producer delivering peak-time, after-hours techno steeped in minimalism and dark, abstract textures. He has been performing throughout Canada since the mid-2000s and shared the stage with top artists like Chris Liebing, Ramon Tapia, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Angel, Claude Young and many more.

The GOAT’s original productions and DJ sets combine the stripped down, primal nature of minimal techno with the dynamic flair of experimental electronica. It’s a style that was inspired by his early days as a punk and thrash drummer, travels to Berlin and Eastern Europe, and the rapidly burgeoning techno scene of the Canadian West.

It was his experiences as a live musician that shaped his focus on texture. Bands like Minor Threat, At The Drive-In, and The Locust captivated The GOAT with their ability to harmonize what many would perceive as noise, elements like distorted chords, seemingly chaotic drumming, and the coarseness of a scream.

Marcinkiewicz is not sitting still as he has released on the imprints like Credo, Oscuro Music, UNT Records, Groundwerk Recordings and Re:Define Records.

But today The GOAT is here with a banging mix and he took some time to answer some of our questions. So sit down, or maybe not, and enjoy the music and the read.

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Some quick-fire questions with The GOAT

How are things going?
Things are going well! I’m busy and catching up on some remix work. I had a busy April in the studio with that, but I’m really looking forward to diving into some more original productions again soon.

For the people reading this who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your style and the key elements that define it?
People say my style is very percussion driven. I came from a drumming background in punk and thrash music so that primal feel comes thru in my music now. I’m not one for massive euphoric melodic moments either. I prefer when the music has a relentless drive and makes you sweat.

I prefer when the music has a relentless drive and makes you sweat.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
This mix has a little bit of acid, a little modular style techno, and a little industrial flavour in it. I tend to naturally go into darker territory. Its always been prevalent in the music I’ve written throughout my whole life. I think there are more ways to challenge the art form and sound when concepts and sounds can become harsher and more uncomfortable.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up, and does it have any influence on your current sound? If not, what or who are your inspirations?
I was really fortunate to have an older brother and older family friends around that helped forge my tastes early on. Back in the days, I was into industrial music, goth and punk music as a young kid in a religious elementary school haha, being older now and looking back on it, its a funny thought. I really enjoyed (and still do) Nine Inch Nails. And now, even more so, the score work Trent Reznor does. Incredibly inspiring. It’s more musicality through texture than conventional form. I loved The Cure, and The Sex Pistols, KMFDM, and as I got older bands like The Locust really intrigued me. Growing up in a small town in northern Canada, we didn’t really have raves, my friends and I were probably the only kids in our town listening to electronic music then too.

Growing up in a small town in northern Canada, we didn’t really have raves, my friends and I were probably the only kids in our town listening to electronic music then too.

Did you grow up in a musical environment or did you arrive at your musical passion on your own? Do you play any instruments?
My family isn’t really musical, so I think for me, it was seeing bands on MuchMusic and seeing keyboards and guitars on the same stage. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could do something like that? I loved the idea of synthesizers and the mystique about them. And it turned out a very close family friend had some gear and sequencers and things and showed me how to record multi-track arrangements when I was 10 or 11. I think that and what I was listening to at the time was kind of the catalyst of all of what I’m doing now.

Where do you draw your creative influences from?
The inspiration and influences come from a lot of different places. Sometimes its as basic as patching a new sound together and modulating and seeing what kind of journey it takes me on. I’m talking about those classic ‘in the studio’ moments that people have. And often I like to create challenges while working on a track. Like putting up certain limitations like not being able to use a certain piece of gear or making up a ruleset to use that I need to follow. It forces me to do things differently each time. And other times I like to reflect on energy.

In my opinion, ‘What did it feel like when I was at this certain place and seeing that…’ or reflecting on what is happening with our world. I believe people need an escape. And I like to think that if I can help them with that through my music or performances, even if it’s for a few minutes or hours, then that can hopefully help them navigate all this craziness we’re currently experiencing even for a short period of time. That inspires me.

Tell us about the production side of things? Anything new to announce?
I’ve got some things coming out in the next little bit! More things are the following:
– May 05 – Skov Bowden – Moon (The GOAT Remix) on Tears Recordings
– May 24 – Karsten Sollors & The GOAT – We Are All Blessed EP on Roger Sanchez’ Stealth Records
– June 24 – The GOAT & Skov Bowden – Transatlantic EP on Nomad Species
– August (Date TBA) The GOAT – Zero Stability EP on Theo Komp’s Minimal Force Records
– TBA – The GOAT – Where Do We Go From Here? – VA on Substation Recordings

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