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Interview with Federico Scavo

In-depth with Federico Scavo

Italian artist Federico Scavo was always inspired by the art and culture of his surroundings. He showed talent from an early age as a musician, composer and producer. Driven by results, Federico spends his life working in the studio and devoting himself to his passion for djing. His remarkable talent has attracted the attention of artists such as Kaskade and Pete Tong, who choose his tracks for their sets in the best clubs around the globe.

He sits down in 1994 to compose “This is the night” – his very first tune with New System, which soon becomes an international success, achieving Platinum status in Canada where sales reach 400,000. In 2002 “Another brick in the wall” – officially approved for release by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters – is another worldwide success, winning him a “Disco D’Oro” in Italy for selling 28,000 copies. Not long after that, Federico applies his golden remix touch to tunes by world-famous artists such as Bob Sinclar (“A far l’amore”) and John Acquaviva (“Wiki Leaks”).

In 2011 the release of “Strump” marked a seminal point in his career. The track became one of the most popular in Italy, notching up 3,000,000 viewers across Youtube channels and making it number 3 in the iTunes sales chart.

As his own record label, Area94 continues to boost his popularity on the international scene, his productions are increasingly in demand from high profile labels such as Hotfingers, Pacha recordings and Toolroom, with whom he has signed a long-term collaboration – becoming part of the “home artists”.

So, we are so glad Federico Scavo could find the time to sit down with us for a chat.

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Hey Federico, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hi, I’m fine in this period, thanks. I’ve been with my family a lot and I had the opportunity to get in shape both physically and psychologically. I also worked a lot in the studio.

This pandemic has changed our habits and I hope to come back to normal life soon and especially so can do my job as a DJ.

How have you survived the last year? What has helped you get through it?

Certainly, self-control helped me a lot to overcome the lockdown, but also thanks to my passions like painting and living motorsport, karting and car racing.

What did you learn about yourself, the world, the industry?

I learned that unfortunately there are not many professionals and too many people that waste your time and money. In 30 years of my career as a DJ and also 30 years as a producer, I have learned to recognize and avoid them.

I have learned that there are not many professionals and too many people that waste your time and money.

Where do you stand on the playing of plague raves?

It’s always nice to party! But every place must be safe and good for the clubbers.

Why is dance music so important to you? What was it in your past that first made you get the bug for it?

I have had a passion for dance music since the 80s. Thanks to my sister who made me listen to the audio cassettes of Italian DJs, I started to make the first mixes and I immediately fell in love with those sounds.

What inspired the new release “Rumba”?

I really like Latin and tribal music. I found LorE, the Venezuelan singer of this record, listening to tracks on YouTube. I contacted her to do a collaboration and so, here we are.

Federico Scavo single “Rumba” feat. LorE is out now on Area 94. Grab it Here

What gear did you use to write it? Are you bothered about the tools you have?

Over the years, I’ve developed my personal sound style. I always use the grooves that characterize my sound. I took samples of percussion but the melody of LorE’s voice is completely new and original and we worked on this together. I’m satisfied with my tools.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Every day and every night and every moment of my life, I think about music. My brain always comes up with new ideas. I have created another song, still with LorE, which will soon be released on Orianna Music, directed by the great Hector Romero, a person I respect very much. Can’t wait to see it released.

Every day and every night and every moment of my life, I think about music. My brain always comes up with new ideas.

Do you think dance music will be much different when it gets back to normal – will parties be more local and small scale or anything?

Even before the pandemic, I felt we all needed to change the way of interpreting the club. I am oriented to do it also with the music, with new and different sounds, when we could restart at 100%. I have lots of new ideas to excite my audience. Stay tuned! 😉 


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