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Tanzgemeinschaft | 20/05/2018

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Inner Symphony – Quintessence. Splendiferous.

Inner Symphony - Quintessence
Claudio Capo

Soul Button, label owner of the much anticipated Steyoyoke, releasing fantastic ethereal electronic music, is building himself a new league. A league of extraordinary artists. Hence the first compilation that is called ‘Quintessence’ which is being released on Steyoyoke’s newly started sister label, Inner Symphony. After being a podcast series, it was clearly time to expand and turn it into a label.

With a sound that is full of emotion, solid and also ethereal of course, this collection of music can’t be ignored. This one you ought to hear and surely have in your collection. To enhance the urge to get a copy, see what these artists have to say about this beauty.

Here’s the amazing list of artist and their sublime tracks:

  1. Soul Button – Placid (Original Mix)
  2. Rauschhaus – The Miracle Of A Million Lights (Original Mix)
  3. Anders. – Très Bien (Original Mix)
  4. Clawz SG – Perennial (Original Mix)
  5. Mashk – Sunset’s Gleam (Original Mix)
  6. Fractal Architect & Dan Baber – Forest (Original Mix)
  7. Synästhesie – Lotus (Original Mix)
  8. Rustboy – Iterations (Original Mix)
  9. Teho – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)

Play it out loud and enjoy!!

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