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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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Integral Bread & Elio Kr – And Suddenly

integral bread
Claudio Capo

Our good friends from the Spanish Univack Records are back once again with a top release. This time label heads Integral Bread & Elio Kr join forces on ‘And Suddenly’. This melodic progressive house release contains collaborative work of the 2 artists which on top got remixed by Rafael Cerato. Both of the artists also have one solo track on the EP.

“And Suddenly” is fire! It’s a hot stomper that got quite some positive feedback from other artists. “And Suddenly” contains tech-house elements but mainly is a progressive house track. All fizzing melodic rhythms, steady bold synth solos, and an explosive bass. This is as said … fire! Rafael Cerato injects the original with his own characteristical style. A mind-bending groove with a deeper edge that is less melodic but more fierce than the melodic original.

Elio Kr’s damn hot house-oriented track starts with a slow build up, turning towards a more uptempo groove with its percussive synth leads. Great work.

Nacho who goes by the moniker Integral Bread uses a slow & longer intro, turning to his great own renown style that kind be heard in his live sets as well. A more bass heavy, low key as a red line throughout his track, Negativism. We only have positive words as this is a deep and hypnotic groove with whirly synths and juggling bassline.

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