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Interview: Bass’t

This weeks chat was with Bastian Delpeuch aka Bass’t. A young producer from the South of France. We served him some questions about his take on tracks and how it feels to release new tracks a regular basis.

Do note that Bastian is still unsigned but we believe he has great potential and we sincerly can say he makes great music.

Tell us, where are you from and what’s your age as from our understanding you seem to be a very young producer?
I’m from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France near Marseille, I’m 19 so yes I’m rather young !

How did you end up producing and why this specific genre, minimal, as from our understanding this is what you mostly produce?
I always like music, but I discover techno/minimal at a much younger age and I was wondering how producers was made this kind of music. So I started from scratch and tried to learn the hard way. Still learning every day.

Who are your biggest influencers? Any favorite dj/producer or maybe record label(s)?
My influences are large, I listen a lot 10dens, Brejcha, Worakls, Micrologue, Delacroix, Dusty Kid, Boratto, Microtrauma, Moonbeam, Popof, Paul K… I also like labels as Kompakt and Inlab… But I’m also influenced by rock, rap, reggae, classical music.

How do you start producing a track?
How I start producing a track ? That’s really depends, but I try to do better and differend every time. Sometimes I have an idea and then I try to make it real, or sometimes I am just plying with my music program, for the moment Ableton, and I discover a nice sound that I use to work out some more and try to build up track around this sample. The style depends a lot on the moment.

When are you satisfied? Or do you release often and wait for feedback so you can tweak the track afterwards?
I’m satisfied when I feel everything is in order and the sound feels good. Or when I’m fed up hearing it and then I just throw it online. Sometimes it takes some time to be satisfied when I do things over and over again. It all depends. Often simplicity is all it takes and things sound very special.

When can we expect a new track?
I release (unsigned) tracks on a regular basis. I want to get the music out and get some response. That’s the only way I get a feeling with what people think about it. For the moment I’m also working on some projects. Don’t want to say much about for now as I still don’t know if it’s going to work out.

As we understood from a previous conversation, you don’t dj? Any particular reason why not?
No, I’m not a DJ, I’m not often mixing, sometimes with friends, but I never really have had an occasion. But beign a DJ is not the part that interests me the most. For now. Maybe one day, I’ll buy some equipment and start mixing. I will see… . For now I will focus on producing tracks and learn.

Listen to some of Bass’t’s tracks:

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