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Ben Gomori

Interview: Ben Gomori about his new release Ritual

Ben Gomori is a man made for music. For sure he sleeps, dreams, sweats, and has house music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ubiqious might be a correct word to describe him as the versatile producer he is. Not only that. He is a ten-fold package in 1: a DJ, Label Owner, podcaster, radio host and works in a creative agency. Talking about dedication!

We are pretty sure Ben Gomori’s life is one exercise in dispersing music as much as he can.

With many releases up his sleeve on as much record labels as one can dream of, he returns to ALiVE Recordings with a new delight called Ritual. A mood maker of a higher level if you ask our opinion. The EP is set to arrive February 22nd alongside the similarly melodic but more dance floor orientated title track and laid back ‘Myth’.

He took the time to sit down with us and have short talk. What’s great is that Ben is a real down to earth person. Feet on the ground and working hard. This reflects in the great tips he gave us to pass on to people starting out in the music industry.

Ben Gomori
Ben Gomori delivering a new stunning deep house release called Ritual – Image courtesy of Beth Crockatt Photography

Who is Ben Gomori?
For the purposes of this interview, I’m a guy who makes, plays and disseminates music via record labels (mine and others), my podcasts, radio shows and playing in clubs and at festivals. It’s generally housey stuff, with a dash of techy stuff and disco stuff here and there.

I host a weekly new electronic music podcast / radio show called Turned On, and a monthly one called Monologues where I have been inviting DJ/producers to mix an hour of their own material since 2013. I also run a label called Monologues Records and host a monthly radio show on MEATtransMISSION.

Your new release Ritual EP is out soon on ALiVE Recordings? Can you tell us something about it?
So it’s my second EP for Tom Budden’s label, and my third appearance on there. Three tracks that I made over the period of a few months: Chaos Magick, Ritual and Myth. As is usually the way with my music, it’s heavy on the melody and groove. There’s a range in flavours therein, and I’m interested to see who’s going to be into it. You spend hours judging you own music and trying to anticipate and predict what sort of DJs are going to be into it, and inevitably there are always some pleasant surprises when you get the feedback.

If you need to pick one of the 3 tracks as your favorite track which one would that be?
That’s tough. I’d probably say Myth as it feels closest to the sound I’ve been imagining on my head and which I’ve been working hard to realise.

What’s your connection with ALiVE Recordings as it is not your first release on the label?
Tom (Budden) signed my track “I Don’t Want No” a while back for one of his 5ALiVE EPs, which featured the vocals of a guy called JNR Williams who I found signing on the streets of Soho. Then we put out the Neuroplasticity EP last year, and both seemed to do pretty well overall. So once I had two tracks ready, I went to him and he asked me for a third. Ritual was the one that completed the EP, and it went through a whole bunch of different permutations. I often find that I end up with a completely different bassline by the end of the track to the one I was working with the other 80% of the process. Never be afraid to switch things up last minute, is my advice.

What’s different on this release if we compare with let’s say your previous release Paradigm Shift? Besides it was released on your own label Monologue Records?
That was a pretty deep, hypnotic one that was inspired by meditation. I guess this is a slightly less deep release overall, although just as melodic as my last B-side Xuclar.

No remixes on this one? Any particular reason you choose not have remixes of your own tracks?
That was the label’s choice 🙂

Since 2016 is fairly fresh, what’s more to expect from you and your label?
Lots of music under a secret alias that I’m keeping under wraps for now. More from myself on my own and other labels, including an edit I’ve done for Soul Clap’s Crew Love series that I’m massively excited to get out there.

From Monologues Records – our first vinyl release with tracks from Melon, Uffe, Ponty Mython and Thorsteinssøn, a killer EP from French talent Leonid. and one from LA’s Small Pyramids, and our quarterly residency at Berlin’s Farbfernseher (next one is April 2). Hopefully a few other parties across Europe too.

Of all releases on your own imprint, Monologue Records, name your top 3 tracks.
Leonid. – Clear Definition (Dub Mix) (forthcoming)

Laurence Guy – Les Mur

Andre Laos – Tragic Tofu

If it wasn’t in the music industry, what would be your job today?

One question we’d like to ask all artists. What advice would you give people that are just starting in the big (bad) music industry?
I have SO much advice on this subject. It’s mainly about dedicating yourself to your craft. Making sacrifices to support it and consistently work on it. But it’s also about meeting people – networking in the real world and online. Get a job in the music industry to support yourself and to keep making contacts and learning more about music in your day job until you can survive off music alone – or get a job that affords you enough free time to still pursue music.

A great phrase Patrice Baumel taught me recently: buy nice or buy twice.

A great phrase Patrice Baumel taught me recently: buy nice or buy twice. Don’t buy cheap, crappy equipment. It’s better to save up for a bit longer and buy quality gear that will give you much better results and will last a lot longer.

I also just invested in some acoustic treatment for my studio room at home and I wish I’d done it a lot sooner! Obviously you can’t really do that in rented accommodation but if you have the option, do it. It will greatly help your mixdowns, help you ears to get less tired, and help a bit with sound bleed.

Aside from that, don’t give up. Keep learning from your mistakes and learning new techniques and tips. Make music for yourself and no-one else. Don’t make music to please someone else. Only make it if you feel passionate about it.

And finally, if you want to make things easy for yourself, try and focus on a distinctive sound. Unless you’re like me, and doing that doesn’t come naturally to you! Some people are very clear and focused on how they want to sound, and I think it’s a lot easier to make a mark when people can get a clear grasp on what you’re about. I’ve never been like that unfortunately, which makes life harder. But as I say, you have to be true to yourself and find what your musical personality is over time. It might not be exactly the same as the music you like or were inspired by in the first place. But there’s also something to be sad for resisting your natural instincts in music making and trying to challenge yourself to think and work differently. It’s hard!

Finish the sentences.
My guilty pleasure is … Coca-Cola.
A bad habit of mine would be … Being too hasty.
I really hate it when … People are prejudiced.
The thing that puts an instant smile on my face is … My girlfriend.

Thank you very much!

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