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Interview: Debigny

Only recently we had a chat with one of the producers that regulary posts tracks in our Soundcloud group. Living in Paris (France) Guillaume Dubigny aka Debigny tells us something about himself and how he got started in the electronic music scene.


Tell us, how’s Paris? Is it a nice place to be a DJ/producer.
Paris is fantastic, I just move this city. I didn’t experiment this city as a DJ for now, but there is a lot of nice collectives that are trying to make Paris a place to enjoy electronic music. This is really cool.

Some of the collectives I was talking about are Paris La Nuit, Sweet Life, Villete Sonique, Berlinons Paris and Concrete Paris. You should check them out before you visit Paris.

How did it all start out for you?
I will become 20 pretty soon. Time flies. Since childhood I play the piano but music always has been a passion. I’ve started to listen to classic music and read books about it. One thing led to another and inevitably it led me to electronic music. I was really fascinating by this kind of music, and it took me so far I started producing my first track. I worked during one month last year July to buy a laptop and started producing right away. As you can see I am a freshman in terms of producing electronic music.

Describe yourself in three words.
Melomaniac, relentless, friendly.

How do you friends perceive you?
I don’t know, surely as a cool guy!

And your music?
Some appreciate my music because that it is not very complicate and it’s calm. Some say that is mind-blowing. I don’t understand why but it’s doesn’t matter. I try to make it cool and interesting.

Who were some of the first DJs/producers you ever saw that made you want to do it yourself?
The one that I always love to listen to is Joris Delacroix. He is the first that I discovered when I got into electronic music. I learned that he also started producing at the same age as me, so that encouraged me to do the same.

Why? What did they do to make it sound like magic for you?
When I discovered him, my thought was that his type of electronic music was really differently than others. He creates his own style and kept it. The way he composes his music is truly beautiful. I really like his style.

What is your favourite piece of gear? And why?
I think it’s the APC 40. I love the concept and it allows me to try new things.

Any other equipment you are using?
I work with Ableton live 9, two VST and one MIDI keyboard. I’ve an I3, that is crippling some times when my CPU is at 130%, hahaha. I would like to buy some synthesizers and a more powerful laptop. Will get to that when I have some extra cash.
What’s your favorite place for inspiration?
When I’m out partying with my friend. Often when I am out I have those moments I ask myself what kind of music would do great and does not exist for now.

What’s your guilty pleasure, music wise?
Sometimes, I listen what I was listening when I was 16, and that was Sum 41, the Strokes, Linkin Park, etc.

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