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Interview: Dinkis about music that rules his life

Dinkis is a producer and label owner from the heart of Sicily. Solid musical and technical skill, unmatchable versatility and a true love for electronic music are among the many things that separate Dinkis from his contemporaries. With a keen ear for producing highly touching, insightful and diversified tracks, his sound tends to be bass, dark and percussive. The idea behind this project was born in 2013 and it gave Gabriele the opportunity to share his deep feelings and thoughts with the listeners. His ambition and the desire to leave people with an emotion or a thrill makes him a slave of emotions. It’s exactly that what keeps him in the booth at the forefront of injecting fresh, innovative sounds.

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Hello Gabriele, hope all is well these days? How is it going?
Hello guys! Thanks, I’m fine. These are good days, the release date of my latest work is approaching and I like these moments.

Tell us about you as an artist, Dinkis? Who is the artist?
The artist is that love that I feel inside. These emotions are inside me and I throw them out writing them in my music. And Dinkis is just the name I use to sign my works, but I don’t hide behind the name.

Where does your passion for melodic house and techno come from?
I have always been fascinated by beautiful music since I was a child. But I got so close to electronic music when I started to understand that I could also create something of mine in that world. And over the years, growing and maturing, I refined my sound that tends to always go towards a simple electronics that strikes the heart.

DJ & producer, Dinkis.
Sicily-based DJ & producer Dinkis, running Wout Records


Listening to your music we hear a distinct yet recognizable sound. Is this your signature sound? 
Exactly. I’ve always worked to get my own recognizable sound and even though I try, I can’t change it anymore. I improve it, I let myself get carried away by the emotion and at the end, the sound is always almost the same. Your observation makes me happy.

Who or what is your biggest influence?
My life. Everything that is part of me, what sees my eyes and what my heart feels.
Music has kidnapped my life, I almost made it my reason to live over the years. By consciously sacrificing my years, and unconsciously neglecting myself as a person and those around me. My days are my greatest influence, good or bad. Emotion is always alive.

We found this in your biography: “His ambition and the desire to leave people with an emotion or a thrill makes him a slave of emotions”. Do explain!
It’s complicated to explain. I am very sensitive and emotional and I can put everything in my work out, when describing what I hear in music. I write real emotions not only simple music. I want to make people shudder, make them reflect in my own emotions. This is what makes me a slave to my ambition.

Tell us about your new work “New Light” which is due on December 2nd. What’s the story behind it and how much does it differ from your previous work.
This is my most intimate work. The emotions I’ve experienced while creating this work have been very strong: love and fear were at the centre of this story. A story that was perhaps inevitable for me to unblock the fears, but that hurt me.

A year has passed since the release of “The Gaia’s Kisses“, my previous EP, and I believe I have matured in a creative way. Love remains the key inspiration in my work though.

What is the message you are trying to bring with “New Light” and what was the inspiration behind this release?
The inspiration comes from my experiences this year. A strong year and it made me grow and understand a lot. In a year like this I can find myself and put my heart and soul into my music. The message is always almost the same…

“New Light” will also be released on your own label, Wout Records? Any reason why you are releasing it on Wout Records?
Yes, it will be released on my label. This decision was made because I wanted to take care of every detail. I’m an obsessive person. And then Wout Records is my jewel, I want to bring both my and my music, my stories to come forward.

Give us an insight into what we can expect from Dinkis over the next few months. Maybe also what will be happening on Wout Records. New work from other artists perhaps? 
This year I have worked hard and good news will come this winter. I’ll let you know some. Next January the last chapter will be released, which will close this story. It will be something different from the usual and very long. Prepare your minds for this long journey.

Together with my friend Michele Anullo, I will release a second EP. This time the release will be different from the previous one. That was created following my ideas, but this release will follow Michele’s style. You will still recognize my sounds but the beat and the structure will be Michele’s signature.

On Wout Records we have worked on many things. We have been in touch with new artists and got some new ideas. In spring we will launch our second collection of clothes. But the big news we’re excited about is the start of the first Wout Records tour. We will leave in February from Rabat, Morocco. And from there the road will be long.

Thank you and keep up the great vibe!
Surely! It was a real pleasure. Thanks!

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