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Drumcomplex - Perfection is in imperfection

Interview: Drumcomplex about Perfection is in imperfection

They gained a lot of valuable support from techno land greatest artists like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Slam, Paco Osuna and many more. Although they are around for 2 decades, Drumcomplex only just released their debut album ‘Perfection is in imperfection’. Eleven tracks, really must have been hard work. In our humble opinion it surely paid off, we simply love the release.

Perfection Is In Imperfection is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, a world-view whose focus lies in the appreciation of imperfection, of that which is simple, rough or incomplete. Wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. This ancient concept of revering graceful imperfections finds its interpretation in the music of Drumcomplex by ways of its apparent candor and its simple effectiveness. From the moody chords of opening track Venus to the samba-funk of Medusa, through the conjurations of If You Can Be Mine (a collaboration with Border Community’s Misstress Barbara), and the big room euphoria of album closer Aphrodite – the tracks all suggest an opportunity to see the manifest beauty behind the battering walls of sound and the unassuming grace behind the heaviness of the beats.

We thought this release was a nice trigger to grab the attention of the 2 brothers and contact them for an interview.

Hello Arnd, Daniel, how are things nowadays?
Hello Tanzgemeinschaft we are fine thanks for the invitation

Arnd, you played at Space Ibiza last summer. How was that now the club is about to stop in its current form of existence?
First of all, we are feeling really honored that we played during their last season. We had an incredible time playing for Carl Cox ́s Revolution, the club was packed and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. It’s really sad that this club shut down in this form and place.

Did you play tracks of your recent released Perfection is in Imperfection?
Yes, I played Physalia and the collab we did with the legend Misstress Barbara called ‘If You Can ́t Be Mine’.

How did the crowd react?
Both tracks worked pretty good and it was great to see how people react on our new material.

It is a great release if you ask us. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
Thanks so much that for your feedback really happy to hear that. The idea to do an album we had already for years in mind but after I (Arnd) quit working last year from my daytime job we had the time to concentrate on this big project.

What seems very special to us, is that you are the crowd facing part of Drumcomplex and Daniel (your brother) is working behind the scenes. How does this collaboration work?
I think it’s a really important relationship. We’ve worked hard for many many years, tried new stuff, fought against each other, and loved each other. Although we are very different characters, we complement each other very well. I usually see the big picture and Daniel is more about the small details. This relation ship is been working really well for us and we both are super happy to have each other.

You have been around for about 20 years now. What makes the music scene so special for you both as is not an easy environment to get around? Unless you know the way after hard work?
I really like being connected to the people in the dance scene the music is always my engine and keep me going forward. I am a long time in the scene but I never get bored of it. We worked hard over he last years and we are very thankful doing what we love.

Any tips for starting artists?
We are in the lucky position to help new upcoming artists. For example, we are working together with Kevin de Vries which released on our label Complexed Records. he sure is a rising talent. A good example of how it can work out. Work hard for what you want to reach and it will always pay off.

Back to the release Perfection is in imperfection. 11 tracks on an album is not a small release. How long did it take for you to get it out?
It took us 6 months to finish the complete album. I (Arnd) wrote the most tracks in my home studio only ‘Aphrodite’ I did on the flight back from Melbourne to Düsseldorf on my laptop.
My brother which is a tone engineer received all parts and worked on the mixdown in our main studio. Mostly we worked simultaneously. So he mixed and I wrote the title and arranged
everything. This was very effective and we were able to finish the album in half a year. Conor Dalton from Glowcast Mastering took care about the mastering.

There were not a lot of discussions when developing the album Daniel and I have nearly the same opinion music wise. When I (Arnd) was writing the tracks I always showed Daniel the idea and we both decided in which direction we wanted go with each track.

What were the hard parts?
The hard part is always the mixing stuff. Daniel is really picky and spent a lot of time and energy into it. For us its very important that the sound is brilliant.

What’s your favorite on the album?
Arnd: Aphrodite

And Daniel’s?
Daniel: Aura

Any upcoming gig you really look forward to?
My agency Blakksheep is quite busy with setting up the album tour. We had a really busy schedule this year touring in Australia, India, Sweden, Ibiza etc. and I am really looking forward to continue in that way. We kick off the tour with the album release party on 08.10 in Berlin at Club Magdalena so this we are really looking forward

Some last questions:

what’s your guilty pleasure?
Hmmmm good question thats nothing special we are both totally addicted to music in all kind of forms. Arnd is going really often to sauna and Daniel likes reading good books

beer or wine?

your favorite pop track when you were a teenager?
Laura Branigan – Self Control

Thank you so much guys!

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