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Drumcomplex releases Punk

Interview: Drumcomplex releases a heavy-hitting “Punk”

Who has not at some point asked the question „How complex can Techno be?“. As far as Drumcomplex is concerned, the answer must be: „Techno can reach a degree of complexity that gets the utmost out of studio work and live performances through a perfect division of work.“ And he has been doing so for the past ten years and more. This is also reflected in the discography. Covering a range of prestigious Techno labels that would have others drooling: Intec Digital, Terminal M, Off Recordings or his own imprint Complexed Records.


Drumcomplex starts 2019 with a banging release on their own Complexed Recordings imprint. We get to premiere one of the tracks on this heavy-hitting & energetic release, titled “Punk”. “Blind” is as dynamic as the rest of the tracks on the release, but with heavily distorted synths and flared up pads that will spellbind the dancefloor for sure.

Together with this premiere, we had a short chat about “Punk”, 2018 and the (near) future. Enjoy!

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A new year has started. Best wishes! How are things these days?
2018 was just a crazy year in all directions felt like a rollercoaster ride with all these ups and downs. Musically it was another year with great development and such lovely moments.

Played some of the biggest festivals like Awakenings & Parookavile to name a few. My record Atomic on OFF Recordings is one of the most played techno Tracks this year and nearly all big artists played them. Signed to Monika Kruse´s label Terminal M a four-track EP which will be released in February 2019.

Did you have something special planned during for the festive period or did you enjoy a break with your family?
December is quite busy with playing a lot of shows in Germany. NYE playing 2 shows first one in Kassel at ARM which is also the last party in this legendary club and after it playing in the morning in Berlin.

Looking back at 2018, what were some of the highlight for you?
Awakenings Festival was one for the books for sure, feeling honoured to play for Carl Cox on the INTEC DIGITAL Stage.

You will enter 2019 with a bang. Your “Punk” EP will be released in the first week on Complexed Recordings. How did sublime and energetic EP come together?
I am pretty happy with the result of the EP, it’s rougher and reminds me a bit to the 90’s techno stuff. Worked with some analogue synthesizer and classic 909 drumming.

What was the inspiration behind this release? And why did you name it “Punk”?
That’s a good question, but yes its easy to answer. At the end of the ,80’s I was listing to Punk and Metal music which are my roots before starting listening to electronic music. I’m still a big fan of that kind of stuff and listening to it in a private.

When I did the track I felt the name PUNK will fit perfectly cause the music is energetic and wild.

What’s different about this new EP from previous releases?
Except that we feel this one has a straightforward & pounding groove. Its reflect perfectly of what I like to play at the moment more rougher and stripped sounds. Mostly when I work in the studio things happen and comes from how I feel in the moment.

What do you usually start with when preparing a studio session?
I mostly start working in my studio during lunchtime. Before I go to the gym and do some exercise and working on my administration emails, bookings etc. Some of my colleagues like to work at night times but I am more productive during the afternoon

When you sit down to compose/produce, what’s generally your first move? Drums/synth work/melodies? What DAW do you use and what are your favourite plugins? Maybe related to your latest release.
I always start with the kick drum and a groove, then working on a lead synth playing around with some pattern and develop an idea.

What more exciting news do you have in the works for 2019?
As I told you, in March I am super happy to have my debut release on Terminal M. I met Monika last year for the first time on a festival and we both had directly a good connection. She is such a lovely person and I am super thankful she will publish my music

Any advice for young artists on maintaining a successful working relationship in a crazy space like dance music?
Work hard, believe in yourself and think positive!

Thank you, and all of the best for 2019!

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