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I am Frost

Interview: I am Frost about his Dead End EP

On August 18 he will release his new EP ‘Dead End’, and it’s a release to look out for. René Frost who goes under the moniker ‘I am Frost’ is around for quite some time now and he is doing some pretty nice things. He dropped some very nice stuff in the recent past and he’s a master in creating phenomenal mixes. Do check out his Soundcloud profile for some of this candy.

We sat down with rené and talked about his upcoming EP ‘Dead End’. So sit back and enjoy the read.

It’s been a while since you’ve released your fantastic debut release ‘The Path to Cognition’. It dates back from mid 2013. Guess you made quite an entry with the great original and remix by Robin Schulz?
Yes, definitely. I was very happy that Robin jumped on the track for my debut release. The EP came out in winter 2013 and about one year later he had his big breakthrough with ‘Waves’, which also brought some attention to his previous remixes. This came just at the right for my debut release and I’m very thankful for this.

What happend in the meantime? One more release we know of, with a super remix from Rich & Maroq on it? What else?
After my debut I released 2 more EPs. 2014 I released ‘No Way Out‘ on Vergissmeinnicht followed by ‘Freaks of Nature’ on Mischpoke in 2015.
Furthermore I contributed a single track (Noom) for the first Jannowitz Compilation and had the chance to remix a track for Timo Veranta & Vom Feisten’s ‘Unlock’ EP. Apart from that I’m constantly working on new songs and keep developing my own live set.

And now, there will be something fresh. Your new baby called ‘Dead End’? Want to tell us about it?
In my view ‘Dead End’ is my best work yet. Mainly because I’m gradually finding my own production style and musical language which makes it a lot easier for me to express myself with music. But what makes this EP really special in the end is how it’s accomplished by the two brilliant remixes!

It contains an explosive remix from Helms. Love the minimal approach, the vocal cuts and the way it builds up. What’s your thought?
I’m following HELMS for quite a while so I already had high expectations for the remix. But the bomb he delivered in the end, was beyond my expectations! When I heard the song for the first time I literally fell off my seat. After hearing the first seconds I was already overwhelmed by the quality of the song. In terms of both: music and soundwise. I’m very proud to have HELMS on board.

What we love about this EP is that your second original ‘Escape Route’ sounds a bit different than ‘Dead End’. More disco influenced it feels. Or are we wrong?/strong>
I’m right there with you. I’m not sure if I’d actually call it Disco but it’s different. This was the idea behind the EP. The ‘Escape Route’ as deliverance from the ‘Dead End’. Another factor is probably that the songs were created at different times and with different setups.

Then again ‘Solid Slap’ enhances this feeling. Wonderful!
I really appreciate their work and have to bow down before these two guys. They’ve created a wonderful piece of music. No matter which part of the song you choose you can hear their passion and love for details. This remix rounds off the EP perfectly. Like the cherry on a cake.

But what kept us thinking. Why did you call it ‘Dead End’? Are you on to something you want to tell us about?
Decisive for the name is actually the main part after the second break. For 99% of my tracks I choose the first name that comes into my mind. With Dead End I had the feeling that the track was picking up more and more energy and the large number of elements kind of force you into a corner. Sounds a bit strange but who doesn’t know that feeling?

And ‘Escape Route’?
Escape Route is the logical consequence: If one believes in himself and his beliefs then there’s always a solution or way out of a Dead End. But everyone that will hear the EP will think of a different story for the songs and that’s how it’s meant to be.

What’s next up your sleeve after the release of ‘Dead End’?
I don’t want to reveal too much but I’m already working on a new EP and have also a few projects with some DJ friends planned. Apart from that I’m playing some more gigs to celebrate the release!

Besides music, what is keeping you busy?
If I’ve got time to leave the studio I’m doing normal things like everybody would. I’m doing sport, spend some time with my friends and I’m trying to have a little dance at my favorite clubs whenever possible.

Finish the sentence.
My guilty pleasure is …
… eating disgusting fast food when I return home from a club.

A bad habit of mine would be …
… to always have the last word.

I really hate it when …
… people are standing right in the middle of the door – not moving at all – when I’m trying to leave the train.

The thing that puts an instant smile on my face is …
Classic, but it’s true: A sunrise!

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