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Interview: Cold Miles, KIKO about his new collaboration

Not so long ago we had a very nice chat with Citizen Kain about his re-release of his classic ‘Doppelgaenger’. Only recently we had another chat with Kain’s friend and music partner in crime ‘KIKO’ about his career and new project ‘Cold Miles’.


In the music business for 20 years already. Kiko can be defined as a versatile artist who has thrilled electronic music fans for two decades now. His story began in the mid-90s in Grenoble, France. Back then, Kiko made many collaborations on labels such as Interface, Ozone Records, with French and international artists, including The Hacker, Oxia and Miss Kittin.

His eclectic discography shows many successes, in 1998, with his famous track “World Cup” released on Ozone and re-edited in 2014 on the Spanish label Suara. Furthermore Kiko decided to focus on production, which was based on his own influences: the italo-disco and new wave musics. His many releases talk for him. During the year 2010, directed by Plantage 13 and Stephan Bodzin, he creates his new label « Signature by Kiko », real tidal wave on the dancefloors. Not much later, in 2011 to be precise, Carl Cox picked him for his “Revolution Tour”. 2013 is marked by his own tour “20 Years of Music Production” and his worldwide gigs. This year, 2016, he confirms his position with a tour across the Pacific Ocean and performs during Miguel Campbell’s Outcross parties at Sankeys Ibiza.

Kiko is a prolific artist with more than 500 tracks to his name, a lot of fruitful collaborations, like ‘Cold Miles’ with his friend Olivier Giacomotto, or his side project Minota for Miguel Campbell’s label Outcross, and many signatures that count.

So it was about time to catch up with the veteran and ask him some questions.

Kiko - Cold Miles

What’s new with KIKO?
After spending weeks & months in the studio, I have actually a lot of projects that I will be taking on alone. Besides that there will be different collaborations with some friends and some remixes. Happy about my release plan for the coming period!

You teamed up with the great Olivier Giacomotto to form the duo ‘Cold Miles’. Can you tell us something about it?
Olivier and I are friends for a very very long time and since while also studio partners. We used to remix each other work. After releasing a couple of EP’s as Olivier Giacomotto & Kiko on labels as Noir or Suara, we finally decided to create a new identity and ‘Cold Miles’ was born. 🙂

A new identity already your first release gets shelter via Noir Music. Not bad at all, isn’t it?
Indeed. We are very close with René (Noir) who is supporting our stuff for a long time. With his imprint he’s been releasing a lot of our tracks in the past. So adding our first Cold Miles EP felt natural to release on Noir Music. The label has a strong identity and and on top it’s a very professional team with a family atmosphere which both like.

Your last work as KIKO dates back from spring with collaborations with Citizen Kain and Dave Davis? Anything new up your sleeve?
That releases with Citizen Kain & Dave Davies worked very well. I am very happy about that. After spending quite some time in the studio, I have several new tracks that will be out in the next months. But also new releases from Cold Miles and new collaboration with some of my friends, surely Citizen Kain again.

What inspires you the most?
I would say everyday life, the things you encounter on a daily basis. When I experience a bad day, it reflects on my music, same with happy moments. I am very sensible. I am also try to listen to a lot of various styles and genres to set my mind off of things and give me inspiration.

How do you keep your head clear? Isn’t it a bit too much once in a while?
Spending hours in the studio alone and making music is what makes me happy. Just locking myself in and keep the world out, is what I really need to keep my head clear. Also spending time with my 2 girls keep me happy. They both are a great source for inspiration as well!

You are in the music business since the mid 90’s. What’s the biggest change you have seen thus far?
When I start making music, it was way more difficult to survive as an artist. Artists needed hardware to produce music, the trust from a label that would invest money on releasing vinyl. Electronic music was also ‘reserved‘ for peoples investing a lot of time, money in turntables, mixers and other hardware. We created our music and went out to play. Marketing back then was not like we know it today.

No need to tell technology also totally evolved. Today it is much easier to create and produce music. Not much equipment is needed. We have more tools at our disposal than before. Sometimes I think it’s too easy to become a ‘producer’, but we need to go with the flow and the evolution of techno and technology. 🙂

What’s your best experience ever since? Dj or producer-wise.
My best experience so far, was long time ago when I had been offered the possibility to play with Carl Cox during his French “Revolution Tour”. It was so impressive and gratifying. Another great memento is when I played under my alter ego Phunky Data, way before i was called KIKO. It was in Paris Bercy, a very big & famous concert hall somewhere at the beginning of my career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to play some very big known festival around the world. Coachella, Dour, Tomorrowland or others of that size!
In 5 years, I see myself as I am today, making music in my bunker and continue to collaborate with friends. It’s all about music!

Is there any work you’re particularly proud of?
First of all, I am particularly proud to be still here after more than 23 years! If I need to pick music, I would say ‘Beautiful Place’ produced together with Olivier Giacomotto and released on Noir Music. Also ‘Meantime’, a track I made with Citizen Kain, as well released on Noir Music. And one not to forget, my classic ‘World Cup’.

Does your experience as DJ affect how you approach production?
Yes, both are connected. When I produce, I always imagine the effect it will have on the audience in the room, and vice versa. I try to read and feel the emotions my music has on the crowd and see how I can keep or multiply that feeling with the next track I play.

Who should be on our radar music-wise — who is getting you really excited?
I love the work of Maceo Plex. Of course my good friend Olivier Giacomotto’s work. Citizen Kain and Noir not to forget!

Finish the sentence.
My guilty pleasure is … a glass of whiskey cola.
A bad habit of mine would be … to be too perfectionistic.
I really hate it when … I lose my inspiration.
The thing that puts an instant smile on my face is … a track made as I want

Thank you very much for your time

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