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Monophaze drops a stunning mix

Interview: Monophaze, a talent to watch!

He has been with us for 2 years, providing us with a constant stream of very nice techno-laden mixes for our in-house series. Today he is here with the last mix of 2018. We’ll leave it as a fresh mix for 2019 as we continue with a new concept that hopefully will see the light of day pretty soon: Africa Distinct. In this series, we will try to highlight some great upcoming talents on the continent.

But first, Monophaze, a talent you ought to watch is here with a very nice set. And this one can count as a statement. Banging good! Enjoy.

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With the year-end in sight, how do you look back?
I’m looking back at a great year because I’ve released new stuff and also got in touch with new radio shows & podcasts publishers.

What was one or more of the highlights for you?
Well, there are a couple of good highlights for this year. One for sure, the new collaboration for my EP released at the beginning of this year with the Dutch-based DJ Tahko. The EP was well-received by the Dutch scene at the moment. And second, the collaboration with the sub-label of ALEX BAU & DIRTY BASSCORE who’ve released the new single “Stolen Words”.

What are the next steps for 2019?
My next steps for 2019 are to continue with more important podcasts in the Techno/Dub Techno scene and try to get in touch with some good Techno labels willing to release my work. I’d love to find a good bookings agent or agency as well.

Any challenges you are going to tackle next year?
Yes. The main challenge for me is trying to get the best out of myself as a producer. Improving myself, improving my gear to get better and better.

Anything that influenced you or had a major impact on your music the past year?
Well, my musical production has taken a little drift, and I got inspired by a new style of music that I’ve listened to a lot this year: Dub Techno. It’s the kind of music that sounds so futuristic & clear at the moment and I am sure it still will sound like that 200 years from now.

What is your absolute favourite track of the year?
There are so many favourite tracks released this year. But for me, it’s VRIL’s remix for the BERG AUDIO label with the track titled “Celest”.

How much do you, as Monophaze, use social media to stay in contact with your fans? Is the Internet important for you in that matter?
I don’t like to use social media to stay in contact with my fans, but today it’s the main tool to promote your music & me as an artist I suppose.

Do you believe in the possibility of “reading an audience” – and how do you put it into practice? Is the relationship with the people on the dancefloor a collaborative one or a “battle”?
If these kind of situations I try to skip the tracks I am playing a bit more often. Making sure the dancefloor keeps on moving. So, yes, I believe it is possible to read an audience.

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?
These days my main challenge as a DJ is to improve my gear for the live set in clubs. Meaning getting more professional with gear. But I have to say that I prefer producing music over playing. I started off with music in the studio about 6 years ago as a producer and did not DJ for a long time.

What’s you’ve got planned for the year ahead?
For the year ahead I’ve planned to improve my studio set up with new equipment. I’ve also reached new contacts who can hopefully schedule new gigs in Portugal.

Thank you!

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