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Real Lies

Interview: Real Lies

Real Lies thank you so much for being here with us. 

How did the idea of Lad Ash come about the first time? 

We were stuck in a ditch for seven years trying to write our second album. My life was very chaotic and lots of people and places and rituals were vanishing from my life. I was very sad about this till I realised I could make an album packed full of farewells and cheered up enough to write Lad Ash. Every song is about the loss in some way. Loss is the motor of the record, pushing it forward.

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How long did it take you to finalise the whole album and what do you consider to be the proudest moment in the whole process?

Some of the songs were started in 2016 and finished in 2022, some were started in 2022 and finished in 2022. So the whole album really did take seven years to write. I don’t know about the proudest moment, really. I try not to feel it very often. It makes the soul fat.

You have been touring the UK and Europe in 2022. What’s the highlight from the gigs you did? 

Looking up while singing to a packed room in the Stockholm meatpacking district and realised someone had hung a disco ball in an old abattoir. 

Alongside 1-800 girls you have been remixed by Sherelle, El-B, Blue Hawaii and Kiimi. Are you still really into the club scene? 

Yeah, we are. We go out as often as we’re able to. Socialising is a rich man’s hobby these days.

Should we expect another amazing remixer to come our way?

No, not for a while. We have overdosed on remixes a bit. Our next releases will be very different. 

What’s your go-to/favourite club? 

The ideal nightclub only exists in my heart. It’s my life’s purpose to earn enough money with Real Lies to turn it into a reality.

What’s the song you would always want to play in a DJ set? 

“Spring Is Coming With a Strawberry in the Mouth” by Roger Doyle. Not that you actually could play it, obviously. You’d get strung up.

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