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Volta Cab

Interview: Volta Cab

Hi there! Thank you for chatting with us!  Where are you writing from? 

Hello guys, thanks for the invite. I’m writing to you from Krasnodar city, it’s in the south part of Russia.

How did your collaboration with Thisbe start? 

Our relationship with Thisbe Recordings started about a year ago, my good friends from Radial Gaze told me about the guys, so I was looking for a nice new label to release my new music. I don’t remember how we got in contact exactly, but it is cool that it finally happened.

Connect with Volta Cab on Soundcloud
Connect with Thisbe Recordings on Soundcloud

This is not the first record you have put out with them. What makes this work/collab special? 

Yes, we are really enjoying collaborating with each other. The Thisbe Recordings collective are true professionals of their own. We are also good friends, with the same sound vision, and the upcoming record from Volta Cab is really something special, I guess.

The record is a solid mix of downtempo raw jams mixed with a bit of Italo a bit of Nu Disco but all-around solid groovy club-oriented stuff. Still, all really far away from your Rambal Cochet project sound-wise. Where does the inspiration for a record like this come from vs a RC one? How do you separate the two sounds?

Thanks for the warm words about this upcoming release. To be honest I really have an eclectic vision of music. Nowadays it is not really important what style it is, if you like it. Just dance or chill.

Volta Cab’s music is more into balearic downtempo beats, sometimes with electro, Italo, EBM, and post-punk. As for Rambal Cochet it is my trance music alias, especially for oldskool goa, new age and ambient trance, oldy prog, fast and slow, with my own vision of how trance can sound in the future. Regarding the inspiration, it comes from my day-to-day, friends circle, nature, music from the past of course  – especially oldskool Yello music, Pocket Universe album for example –  some new music (I really love the Bliss Inc, Maruwa’s, Maara’s output, for instance).

What do you consider now to be the most underrated labels/artists? 

For artists, it’s Anderson from the Wex Recs, Dutch Liso, Auratekh, Tadan, Volodymir Gnatenko, Reflex Blue. As for labels its Terra Magica, Tursiops, Mana Abundance, russ Spazio.

What’s your favourite studio set-up/machine? 

My favourite synth is Korg Minilogue, it’s always with me, and the oldskool Korg Electribe EMX sampler.

A fan question – what is currently your favourite go-to first and final track during a Volta Cab set?

It is hard to say, because I play live acts only, and every show is a new one, so the tracklist is always changing. But you can check the Volta Cab – Echo Park tune, it is the perfect track to start with.

Thank you.

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