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Journey into the realms of Naz’s New Eden

Iranian/Australia artist Naz (Anjunabeats, Enhanced) is launching a new label concept, New Eden Records: a multimedia video, music, and live event experience that promises to transport people to a utopian fantasy realm.  

A new kind of label, New Eden is an immersive multimedia experience that seamlessly weaves together fantasy mystical storytelling, music, and epic visuals to transport audiences, readers and listeners into a magical world of wonder and adventure.

It combines cutting-edge technology, interactive elements and – eventually – live performance – to create a multi-sensory unforgettable entertainment experience.

Here’s Naz herself to tell us more. 

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Thanks for talking to us today – how’s the year been treating you so far? 

Hi! Thanks for having me. 🙂 2023 has been wild, busy but good! 

First of all, we want to get to know you “from the beginning”. How did your history with music begin?

Oh gosh, waaaaay back to when I was like 3 or 4 haha. My mum put me in piano lessons at a very young age (4) and growing up I played a variety of instruments and sang and was in choirs and bands and stuff.

Then, I think I was around 14/15… my love for electronic music reallllly started to take shape. I was underage clubbing with a fake ID, hanging out with all my older friends who were introducing me to all this new music and I just fell in love. I tried my hand at producing electronic music around the age of 19ish but then quit after six months just due to life.

Fast forward ten years, a mid-life crisis and a newfound resolution later… I picked it up again and now here we are!

Tell us about New Eden  – this is shaping up to be more than just a record label right? 

That’s correct yes. 🙂 New Eden is first and foremost, a record label. But it’s also an immersive multimedia experience where music meets storytelling meets animation. I wanted to create these new worlds (New Eden and the worlds within New Eden like Dungeons of Eden, Gardens of Eden & Secrets of Eden) and tell the story of these worlds, with the music acting as I guess a soundtrack and the visuals bringing it all together.

I really wanted the listener, reader and viewer to be transported into these worlds when they are reading the story, listening to the music and viewing the video. When we bring the concept to live events, I want it to be a fully immersive experience for the attendees, where you feel like you have physically stepped into New Eden. That’s a future plan that’s still a little bit far away though haha but we are working hard on it!

Can you tell us about the designer you worked with to create its look? 

Yes! Jimmy is a friend of mine whom I met through the Twitch community during the pandemic. He’s an incredibly talented visual FX designer and also a talented musician. I first reached out to him with this idea. And it was like: “look mate, I kind of have this crazy vision in my head, there are these worlds… and I want to release music and have the animation bring it all to life through the screen and also at events”.

He was like “yep I’m in, let’s do this'” He just got the vision straight away and it’s been so cool working together. We’re always testing new stuff and new tech to really build something cool!

With so many labels out there it’s natural to want to do something to stand out – but is the music still the starting point for what you’ll be doing with New Eden?

Absolutely. The music is the driving point, the heartbeat. Have you ever listened to a song and maybe imagined a scene in your head played- out? Or read a book and you’re imagining the characters and the worlds?… This is kind of like that. Bringing to life the imagination. 

What else should we be looking out for from you in the next few months? 

So, the first release for New Eden is a track I produced in collaboration with the amazing Singer-Songwriter, Frynn. That came out on Friday the 22nd of September. Then the next release will be in mid-November (also another track of mine).

I’ll be opening up for demo submissions shortly too. At the moment just really hard at work planning the next phases of New Eden and making more music!

What is the best advice you ever received as an artist?

Ooh, this is a great question. Hmm.. I think one of the ones that come to my mind is ‘comparison is the killer of creativity’. I feel like it’s easy to get swept up into comparing yourself as an artist to other artists and it’s so easy to fall into this rabbit hole of imposter syndrome. It really is not conducive to a clear creative mind!

It’s easier said than done because I think it’s human nature for us to compare ourselves to others at times. But I’m actively trying to spot the triggers for myself and work on them. The point is to not let it kill your creativity and your drive. That can be difficult, but doable haha. 

Comparison is the killer of creativity.

Anything else you’d like to tell us…?

The way the releases will work with New Eden is that with each track release, we will publish a chapter of the story on our website. And also upload the animated video to YouTube. So, it’s like a package of Song, Story & Video.

I’m also working with my team on organising a pop-up launch event in the near future. We hope to showcase the visuals and music. After that, we will slowly start to test out the concept at events here and there and then ramp up and build from there. 

Thank you, Naz

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