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Kasztan releases a remix EP

Kasztan Shares “Celeste” EP Remixes & “Through The Skies” Music Video

Pierre-Marie’s Kasztan profile has served as a breath of fresh air to the world of electronica and lowkey techno, intertwining rich textures and grand apex moments with the all-important post-rock sensibilities of his youth.

Released in early 2022, his 3-track “Celeste” EP presented a unique sonic experience that proved both progressive and yet familiar. Extending the project’s scope and impact, the French composer now invites two of underground music’s most creative voices, Lawrence Hart and Love Over Entropy, to rework cuts “Through The Skies” and “I Can’t”.

The remixes are out now across all streaming platforms and are joined by a stirring official music video for the former, which is available to watch now via Kasztan’s YouTube channel. 

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Delivering his take on “Through The Skies”, South London producer Lawrence Hart celebrates the original’s pensive and enveloping nature, bringing its soft piano riff to the forefront by introducing harmonious vocal injections. Gravitating to Kasztan’s subtle break-beat influences, Hart magnifies his crisp percussive elements whilst maintaining the driving yet meditative tempo of its counterpart.

Employing a heady rave synth to carry out the lead guitar’s duties, Hart has created a club-ready rework that honours Kasztan’s ideas and execution; amplifying and tailoring the track’s identity to resonate with a dance-leaning audience.

Enjoying its release back in mid-February, Love Over Entropy’s reimagining of “I Can’t” serves as another celebration of Kasztan’s sound palette, keeping the hypnotically rolling rhythms of the original very much in-tact.

Removing its vocal inclusion, the Dutch producer focuses his efforts on the deep, atmospheric nature of Kasztan’s intricate percussion, translating it into a slow-unfolding arrangement. Rife with grit and distortion, Love Over Entropy balances the offering with organic affection; a quality that becomes even more apparent in his 10-minute long extended version. 

Directed by Karina Issaouni and Benjamin Martini, the official music video for “Through The Skies” is set against a dark and abandoned post-industrial backdrop. Thought-provoking in its effect, budding French dancer Mellina Boubetra gives a stirring visual performance that marries the complex broken beats with the composition’s strong narrative of self-reflection.

As the cut reaches its rapturous summit, Boubetra’s body appears possessed by the euphoria of layered melodies; the editing becomes epileptic in a spasmodic nod to 90’s techno aesthetics, while the hovering vocals convey an extrasensory spirit.

Rising up through the world of hip-hop, Mellina Boubetra has developed a unique avant-garde style within her craft that has earned her her own dance company as a choreographer and performer.

Recognised by French newspaper Le Monde with a 2-page piece about her impact on the industry, Mellina is branded as one of the top new performing artists to look out for in 2022.  

Hero picture by Cassidy Kotyla

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