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Tanzgemeinschaft | 22/06/2018

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Ki.Mi. – The First Snow. Sublime work.

ki.mi. - the first snow
Claudio Capo

Israel-based record label Take Away is back with a new release. It’s a release to warm us up in colder times. Hence, it’s summer in Europe. Ki.Mi. releases ‘The First Snow’. A true artist that started his career with composing music and got to learn the art of DJing much later.

Ki.Mi. is a multifaceted creative person. He got rewarded for his hard work and perseverance and by cooperating with such heavyweights of the electronic music as Moon Harbour Recordings, Danse Club Recordings, Haunt and others, as well as a triple victory in the global competition of remixes on Beatport.

‘The First Snow’ contains 3 originals and one remix by the passionate Belgium artist, Dimitri Andreas. The opening and title track simply is sublime. Such a sweet melancholic track infused with opera-alike hymns. The Russia-based artist surely knows what he’s doing here. He surely sets the mood.

Next up is a track called ‘Her face’. A chunky deep house concoction, but well-prepared with jazzy keys and a steady groovy rhythm and bass-line. This one is a feel good groove. ‘Forester’, the third track, feels deeper and more uptempo. There seems te be an 808 drum loop in place. Hypnotising!

The remix is a deliciously positive and jaunty shuffler. Dimitri Andreas turns the title track inside out and creates a vibrant and mesmerizing version. Shuffle along!

Connect with the artist: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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