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Knarly Knob - interview & guestmix

Interview & guest mix: Knarly Knob

Only recently the versatile DJ and producer Knarly Knob released a fantastic dancefloor-oriented EP, ‘Oblivio‘ on his self-titled imprint Knarly Knob records. Not much after, another release followed on Emotive Sounds (more about this in the interview).

We questioned ourselves, how much can this man accomplish in a day? So we got in touch with Andrea, the man behind Knarly Knob, and asked him about how he spends his days. On top, we wanted to know why he started a new record label and asked some questions about the little things in life.

On top of the interview, we got a nice guest mix. Amazing. So we hope you enjoy the music and the read.

Hello Andrea, 

Hope all is well? 
I feel great! Thanks.

You seem to be a very busy person. How does a regular day for Knarly Knob; your artistic self,
look like?

I’m used to relying my all life on music. I couldn’t have asked for more, my passion is also my everyday job. I feel blessed for this, but it’s also the result of my dedication to music over the past years. I usually wake up early in the morning, I check the news, my emails and then I start producing, playing or just experimenting with my instruments.

This year you started your self-titled record label, Knarly Knobs Records. What’s the story behind that, with already so many record labels out there?
I’ve recently started my own label to give my creativity some space, to give it a chance. This helps me release my tracks almost on-the-go, live so to speak. Of course, I’d love to collaborate with those major labels I admire as well. Those nice labels that are shaping the music scene. After all, my aim is to keep on producing good music.

Talking about time again. Not talking about all your releases this year but you just released your
seventh EP on your own label. Why this many? Feeling creative?

It’s such a prolific moment and I feel the urgency to release my music, keeping up with my daily inspirations. I need instant feedback on my tracks as well, it’s something crucial. It helps me define and understand the people’s taste, the industry’s trends and also what they like or dislike, which features of my style I should invest, or rely on – which is essential to shape my own recognizable sound.

What do you want to accomplish with the music you are releasing on your own label? Defining your own desired sound or is it a place to experiment with your sound?
I’d definitely say both.

Where do you draw your creative influences from?
I’ve listened to different genres and I think my tracks sum up my whole background as a “music consumer”. I’m quite proud of the way my music sounds. Most of all I’m experimenting a lot and I wish to keep on doing it, even when my sound is more accurate or recognizable.

If you could describe your perfect creating environment, what would it be? 
Definitely my studio, which I know pretty well of course – with my instruments, all the software, analog stuff that thrills me. When you feel comfortable with your instruments, then you don’t get tired even after a 12-hour workday.

What is next to expect from you?
New EP’s, obviously! After my collabs with Audiohell Department and Digital Traffik, I am releasing The Ceiling EP under the Emotive Sounds label, which I appreciate a lot. This EP will also be featured as the Giorgio Armani fashion show’s soundtrack this month. And I’m proud to say that this is the third time the Italian fashion firm chooses one of my tracks. When these collaborations come out I feel like I’m doing the right thing, going in the right direction and it motivates me to pursue my goals.

Looking at your bio, you definitely are a versatile person. What do you find the most interesting
part of working in the music industry? 

Yes, I am, sure thing. This has helped me adapt to different circumstances and thus to be able to live on music. I know the music industry well because I’ve been playing a role in it also thanks to other projects and I have seen it change, stimulating yet dramatic somehow. What makes me feel still comfortable is that over the years I discovered how essential music is to people. So I feel priviledged and challenged to have the chance to produce new music, all the time. I don’t get bored of it.

Is there time to relax? What do you do in your spare time?
For me as a musician, it’s hard to think about relaxing. I have the chance to travel and visit different places. Sometimes it’s difficult to even plan a vacation and just chill. Nonetheless, I always try to find some time for sports activities, either football or volleyball. But most of all, to spend valuable time with my friends, family, and a little break.

You live in Italy.  What do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I’ve been living in Milan for quite some time. I love this city, it gave me the right incentives since the very beginning. I feel like it’s the best Italian city to live in if you’re a musician because there’s a lot of [music related] events and festival. A lot of clubs and nightlife spots as well. There are fashion and design related things which I’ve been involved into quite often. It’s a stimulating and vibrant city.

As an Italian, you grew up with many great Italian classics. What’s your favorite track ever?
Italy’s always been a go-to place for electronic music, something is recognized worldwide. “Children” by the late Robert Miles is a track which exemplifies what I’m trying to say.

Thank you very much for your time!
Thank you! It’s been a great talk.

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