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petra digital

Label Spotlight: Petra Digital’s journey

It’s been a while since we’ve met. But it’s always a pleasure to hook up with a person that shares the same passion for music. A long time ago we had a nice chat and now we are here to have a talk about Eren Erdol’s Petra Digital record label.


Eren Erdol

Hello Eren,

It’s been such a long time. It must have been that cosy label night during Sonar week 2016 that we’ve met. Hope all is well?
All good thanks! It was a really special night for us because we appeared for the first time an OFF Sonar event and met so precious people like you!

TGMS: thank you!

Let’s start with your label Petra Digital. What has changed ever since?
Our aim in the beginning was to support Istanbul-based artists. We have been lucky because we managed to get some really special releases for Istanbul’s most successful names such as Kerem Akdag, Bartaub, Doruk Guralp, Ugur Project and more! Some of them have been released as a vinyl too. Also, we had some very special releases & remixes from international names such as Georgi Barrel, Gullen, Swayzak, Birds of Mind, John Tejada, Joeski and more..

We ran a premiere from Doruk Guralp a while ago. Awesome work. Will there be more from him on your label?
Sure thing! As a label, we’re so happy to make it happen with the SAAND remix on that track as well. Next releases will be one from Doruk again!

Who else can we expect in the future? Any big surprises?
We will have some vinyl only releases wich will be a surprise. So stay tuned!

Over the course of the years, you must have learned a bit or two about running a record label. What are the hard parts to overcome? What are the parts you love the most?
The entire progress is very complicated if you want to run your business as a professional such as distribution, PR & promotion and of course vinyl pressing. 🙂 All we need is patience.

What I like the most is to work with music with all the lovely crew members!

What’s your long-term goal with Petra Digital? Big plans or continue at the same pace you are going now.
With Petra, I want to create a bigger space for Turkish producers. So, we will continue to support them. Also, will we make some vinyl-only releases for our other members.

As you might be getting lots of demo’s, how does your selection process look like?
It depends on the groove for sure! Also, we check the reputation of the artist and how serious he or she is with on his or her career.

Once you start talking about releasing music from an artist, does it happen that the deal does not
go through? Maybe tell younger artists what to think about when contacting a record labetwo-sidedg>
It’s two sided thing. A label should operate the progress professionally and the artist should care
it during the release promotion period. If these combinations has been completed, nothing goes
wrong actually!

Who would you sign without hesitating? Blank check?
There are many names. Personally I’m in love with Detroit Swindle for example!

How about you? You moved from Barcelona back to Istanbul? Fed up with the city or live in

I like to be in different places & love different cultures. It’s so good to refresh my point of view as an artist to come back to Istanbul. This city lives 24 hours a day with very different cultural elements. But probably, I will be somewhere else again in near future.

Anything new to expect from you?
Of course! I will release a two-track EP in September. Pure Deep House groove!

When will we meet again? Sonar 2018?
This year we can’t attend Sonar but you’re always welcome in Istanbul! 🙂

Cheers Eren. See you soon.

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