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Lingam drops an immersive experience in the world of electronic soundscapes.

Deed Music Berlin is thrilled to unveil a captivating two-track release from the talented Tel Aviv-based virtuoso, Lingam. The headline single, “Becoming You,” takes center stage in this enthralling sonic journey, showcasing Lingam’s unique narrative and his exceptional skill in crafting minimal yet profoundly textured underground electronic music. The track promises to be a testament to Lingam’s mastery, offering listeners an immersive experience in the world of electronic soundscapes.

Complementing the headline single is the harmonious B-side, “Prequal.” This track, described as both mesmerizing and harmonious, perfectly complements the energy and vibe of “Becoming You.” Lingam’s ability to weave intricate tech compositions is evident in both tracks, providing a deep and contemplative exploration of electronic music that goes beyond the surface.

This release not only serves as a showcase for Lingam’s outstanding talent but also offers a unique perspective on the world through his musical creations. Deed Music Berlin is proud to be the platform for this release, marking Lingam’s second single with the Berlin-based boutique record label. The collaboration between Lingam and Deed Music appears to be a successful and dynamic partnership, further solidifying Lingam’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

As “Becoming You” and “Prequal” make their way into the electronic music scene, it’s evident that Lingam’s ability to craft emotive and textured compositions is leaving an indelible mark, and Deed Music Berlin is excited to be part of this musical journey. This release not only adds to Lingam’s growing discography but also contributes to the label’s reputation for showcasing innovative and groundbreaking artists in the electronic music genre. The future looks promising for both Lingam and Deed Music Berlin as they continue to push the boundaries of sonic exploration.

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