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Cerebolo Records' label boss, Guilherme Krause.

Listen to Cerebelo Records’ powerful VA of remixes, featuring 18 new tracks

Cerebelo Records is a strong representative of the Brazilian Techno scene. For this end of the year, the record label presents a selection of 18 remixes immersed in his dark, acid and experimental essence.

This is already the 5th volume of its traditional VA “2022 Remix Edition“, and this edition features the artists Phabian, Ruptura, Occvrs, Miss Adk, Alvin Tech, Blacksun, Algia, Hknki, Der Cherep, Octavio Cordioli, Hefty, Olho Mecanico, Keybax, G.Xist, Sheefit, Norberto Lusso, Aske and Niell.

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All the tracks are curated by the label head Guilherme Krause. They are inclined to high BPMs, ideal for peak time, with variations of acidity, power, and aggressiveness. Featuring new names and also the already-known names of the house. With this release, the brand reaffirms the high level of its catalog and illustrates the reason for the relevance conquered not only in its country but also in the international scene. 

Article by Louise Lamin

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