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London’s Best Nightlife Spots to explore after dark

Whether you’re looking for a pulsing club playing your favourite electronic music or just an exciting night out, London is a great city to explore after dark. While it hasn’t quite cultivated the nightlife reputation of a Barcelona or Amsterdam, it’s full of bars, clubs, and other venues that give you endless opportunities to keep yourself entertained. We could never touch on it all, but this is a broad selection of nightlife spots to consider in the English capital.


Having briefly been closed before a new licensing operating agreement was reached, Fabric actually reopened just last year. Said one person who was in attendance for the grand reopening, “it’s the best club in the world – an institution.” And it certainly seems as if the club is right back to its old ways dominating the London nightlife scene. Tighter security measures can make the process of getting in a little slow, but make no mistake, once you’re in this is as good a venue as you’ll find in London for pulsing electronic music, neon light, and a fun-loving crowd.

Prince Of Wales

In a city as nice as London, there has to be mention of a rooftop bar when discussing nightlife. And while there are a lot of options in this vein, Prince Of Wales in Brixton might be the best. While it’s a fairly casual spot, it’s also a double-decker rooftop hotspot with multiple bars and an undeniably cool vibe. Additionally, while it has less of a club vibe and isn’t known for its DJs, Prince Of Wales does sometimes have live music.

Prince Of Wales Brixton

Empire Casino

London could easily have surrendered its whole live casino culture, given the fact that it’s been a leader in moving casinos to the internet. Online games come in all shapes and sizes on sites based in the UK, theoretically eliminating the need for actual casinos. But a few have survived nonetheless in London, and the Empire is a thoroughly enjoyable one. A large venue with plenty to offer beyond the gaming tables, including a great cocktail bar, the Empire is more of a destination for a full, long night out than just a gaming venue.

The Empire is thoroughly enjoyable!

Empire Casino London


If you’re looking for a wild night out, Tonteria is a good bet, and also a place that offers a unique experience. Once called Harry’s red-hot Mexican madhouse because of Prince Harry’s supposed attendance a few years ago, it’s a Mexican jungle-themed venue known for crazy dancing, scantily clad men and women alike, and themed parties. Tonteria gives off an anything-goes vibe (within reason of course) that you can feel in other clubs in London, but perhaps not embrace as wholly as you can here. For the carefree, hard-partying clubgoer, it’s a must-see option.


The Eye

This isn’t a full-fledged nightlife option, but while we’re talking about nights out in London it should be mentioned that you do have the option of buying a champagne package while riding the London Eye at night. If nothing else it’s a nice stop after dinner or before a longer night out. There is something fairly charming about sitting in a compartment looking out over London with a glass of champagne.

The Eye

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