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LuizFribs participation in the “The Gomboc Stone” VA

In a special call, the Argentine label Gomboc Records celebrated its 5-year anniversary with a VA full of bass and fast sound frequencies. The curatorial work brought together experienced producers from the world’s electronic scene and reinforces how visible Hard Techno has been to the public, especially in Brazil, being a very popular style.

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LuizFribs is one of the artists representing Brazil in this compilation with “Dawn of a New Age” and he even commented on his partnership with Gomboc, as this is the first time they’ve released together.

“I’ve known and followed Gomboc for a long time, ever since I happened to find a Dist release (label boss) while searching for tracks on Beatport. I uploaded demos a few times but had no return until the opportunity arose to upload new tracks to the 5 years VA. In addition to this chosen track, Dist and I got closer and already closed another 3-track EP for the future. I’m very happy about this event.”

Owner of a unique sound, which transits through synthpop, trance and modern techno, the track carries influences of these elements, as described by the producer.

“I produced ‘Dawn of a New Age’ at a time when I was researching and listening to many references of electronic music from the 90s/00s, among them, Hardcore and Gabber tracks, typical genres of the Rotterdam raver movement. So, for this track, I wanted to bring some of that aesthetic, like the famous sample of ‘T99 – Anasthasia’ for the synth lead, in addition to the simplicity of elements in the construction (the track has only 15 channels). It also has a vocal chop (recorded by myself) and, at the time of break/build-up, the influences of old-school raves are also revealed”, he explains.

To enjoy the full VA, just play:

Article by Sofister

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