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Lunar Plane - Parallax

Lunar Plane – Parallax EP

Here comes the parade! Once again a super release on Re:Sound Music, the Birmingham / Phoenix / Jersey based imprint. After some great EP’s from Mumbataa & Tade to name a few, the collective, with a great taste in music will take care of Lunar Plane’s new work ‘Parallax’. From previous releases we know these guys deliver solid deep tech house grooves. ‘Parallax’ comes in package with 2 remixes, one by Mexican Ramón Daniels aka Machino and one from the music veteran from Götenburg M.E.E.O.


Lunar Plane teases out a dense and dark groove. The sound we so much love about them. The slightly stepping rhythm of ‘Parallax’ consists of intricate, stripped back cuts and ticking, bubbling percussive slivers. It’s a tunneling groove and the kind of hypnotic sounds we love so much about Lunar Plane.

With releases on Highgrade, Underyourskin, and his own imprint Glauben, Machino delivers a kind of dark, slightly distorted pulsating rhythms with his version of ‘Parallax’. Big stomper, very energetic. Especially with an outburst at the end.

A well crafted version comes from M.E.E.O who heads straight for the peak time energy with his version. Strong gear for dance floor movement. If you like it into deep, dark and with mind-altering low frequencies, then this is it.

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