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Lunar Plane – Take-off EP (CSK008)

Lunar Plane

Lunar Plane is an identical twin duo, who accidentally fell in love with electronic music. A summary of how their world looks like: dark synths, monster basslines and groovy percs. Need to say more? Lunar Plane developed their appetite for tech house in NYC underground scene as well as in Istanbul, their hometown. And now they’ve released their debut EP called Take-off on the CSK:Beat imprint.

Maybe some extra info about the twins. For what it’s worth: they broke national records in swimming. Must be a must-have skill for pool parties.

Take-off EP

lunar plane - take-offTake-off is an EP containing 3 tracks which take you to another dimension. Think Ten Walls but in a parallel universe. Darker, deeper & gritty. It’s a package with dark alchemy. Press the box and Hellraiser hooks will pull you in.

The first track, “Two Hands”, uses heavy and dark synths with light blips. The rhythm mainly formed by a repeating synth keystroke makes it uplifting but keeps a dark pattern for a very good night out in an underground club.

“Aphotic Zone”, the second track, continues more or less where the opening track left of. When ‘two hands’ got you in trance, this one elevates and gets you into a higher state of mind. Also heavy on the synths but less darker than the previous track.

“Ey” is al about rhytmic claps, much lighter, more tech house. It feels a lot different than the other 2 tracks as the heavy and dark synths are left out. Put this one one repeat and think about voodoo magic. You’ll get hypnotized and will never stop dancing.

Here at Tanzgemeinschaft we really do like this kind of music: deep & dark.

Previews below.
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Track list:

  1. Two Hands (Original Mix)
  2. Aphotic Zone (Original Mix)
  3. Ey (Original Mix)

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