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Lunar Plane’s mix for KENTAUR & Underyourskin Records

It took them some time but we are happy to hear from them again. After they released the fantastic Take Off EP back in June, Lunar Plane is back with a 1 hour long mix in which they promote their upcoming Manazan and Dark Night EP. Manazan is to be expected in Fabruary 2015, while Dark Knight is to be foreseen somewhere near May 2015. Staying true to their own sound with dark synths and groovy percussions these new tracks sound swell.

Both EP’s will be released via Underyourskin Records. We’d say, stay tuned to get both of these releases.

We also wrote a short review about Lunar Plane’s Take Off EP. Go and read it in case you’ve missed it »

Listen and let uw know what you think.

As friendly as they are they dropped us a message with the tracklist & timings:
00:00-07:00 Thomas Atzmann – Roads (Pablo Einzig Remix)
07:00-13:00 Just Emma feat. Jan-Friedrich Conrad – Between The Lines (Dahu Remix)
13:00-21:00 Lunar Plane feat. Oceanically – Angels Fly Above (Manazan EP)
21:00-27:00 Krink – Disturbance (Just Emma Remix)
27:00-33:30 Lunar Plane – Manazan (Manazan EP)
33:30-39:00 Nico Lahs – Devotion (Original Mix)
39:00-46:00 Lunar Plane – Dark Knight (Dark Knight EP)
46:00-52:30 Lunar Plane – Joker (Dark Night EP)
52:30-58:50 Lunar Plane – Consensus (Manazan EP)

An extra for all of you is their free for download track on Soundcloud. Go and get it »

The Kentaur podcast series can be found on Soundcloud as well. Have a look »

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